Our Aires & Stop Overs

If you are following our blog, planning to travel or are already on the road and are interested in where we have spent a night or two, here is a list of our stop overs including campsites. They are ordered in the following format Country, North East South West or Central, (N/E/S/W/C ) Town, GPS & then a quick view on each one their facilities (W-toilet disposal, G-grey waste dump, F-Fresh water, E-electricity or battery charging, S- showers & toilets), a note on the charges as I remember, £ being under 5 Euros, ££ being between €6 & €10, £££ being between €10 and €15, and ££££ being anything over €15. There is a link to the part of the blog that relates to the site or the area (some of the posts were covering a longer period of time so take in a few stop overs). Please note that Aires do change, close down, add facilities and take them away so this is a guide only and was correct when we went there. Some Aires close in the winter but as we do our travels between November and March all of these should be open. It perhaps needs tweaking a bit which I will do over time but hope you find it interesting and helpful.


N/E -Le Crotoy (Picardie) N50.22886 E001.61253  small Aire in dunes on the beach 2k walk along beach or through streets to town W/G/F/E £ – quiet. Easy drive to tunnel The First week in France

N/E -Le Crotoy (Picardie)N50.21800 E001.63300 large Aire with harbour views at front and only 200 yards to town centre W/G/F/E £– Nice. Easy drive to tunnel. The First week in France

C – Le Suze-sur-sarthe (Loire) N47.88917 E000.03040 small Aire river views 0.5k to town over bridge W/G/F/E £ – Nice The First week in France

C -Orléans / La Chappell Saint Mesmin (centre) N 47.88550 E001.83990 Good secure Aire on river 5k along river to centre W/G/F/E £ – Nice The First week in France

C -Château de Chambord (centre) N47.618690 E001.508050 secure Aire in grounds of Château W/G/F/E £££-stunning & you have access to the grounds even when the Château is closed The First week in France

C -Villandry (centre)N47.34100 E000.51127. Very short walk to stunning Château gardens (being refurbished when we stayed so free) unsure what facilities they are adding but would guess all The First week in France

W/C La Tremblade (Poitou Charentes) N45.78268 W001.15228 Lovely small Aire immaculate. W/G/F/E ££ 2k walk to beach – Nice, actually felt like a quality campsite. Its me Burfday’

W/C Les Mathes/La Palmyre (Poitou Charentes) N45.69193 W001.18896 Mid size Aire right on beach on tarmac. Entrance/exit barrier. W/G/F/E ££ Fab promenade to another stunning beach. Its me Burfday’

W/C Meschers-sur-Gironde (Poitou Charentes) Nice Aire on the marina. N45.55614 W000.9451 W/G/F/E ££. Lovely little fishing port and Marina. Nice walks to cliff caves and coves Its me Burfday’

W/C Yvrac/Bordeaux (Aquitaine) Free stop over on a Vineyard need to be members of French Passion to stay – lovely Its me Burfday’

Le Porge (Aquitaine) N44.89437 W001.2131 free parking in Forrest car park next to the beach. Very Remote and isolated no facilities FREE Its me Burfday’

La Rochelle (Poitou Charentes) N46.15250 W001.13944 large aire close to centre, easy walk, barrier entrance/exit W/G/F ££ There are a few in La Rochelle Its me Burfday’

Buzet-sur-Baïse (Aquitaine) N44.25799 E000.30569 Small Aire on river marina/Port . Pretty. W/G/F/E ££. Nice walks along the river.

Series-sur-Arget (Midi Pyrénées) N42.96990 E00151972 Nothing there when we got there no services and hair raising trip up a mountain pass Free. Check route first! Quick update from my I phone.

Latour-Bas-Elne (Languedoc Roussillion) N42.60017 E00300667 Pretty Camping car stop amongst fruit trees W/G/F/E £££ nice but had to vacate pitch by 10am even though empty.Quick update from my I phone.

S/W Gruissan (Languedoc Roussillon) N42.10444 E003.09944 Large free air in the winter (charge in summer) W/G/F/E/S £ some pitches with sea views short walk to town. Nice but Often Windy Quick update from my I phone.

S/W La Grande-Motte (Languedoc Roussillion) N43.56789 E004.07404 Enclosed Aire, safe, easy walk to Marina and bars W/G/F/E/S £ barrier entrance and exit France the final two weeks.

S/W Remoulins (Languedoc Roussillion) N43.93789 E004.55851 Free Aire 10 places W/G/F FREE. Nearest Aire & walking distance to visit Pont du Gard 2,000 year old Roman viaduct. Pretty town. France the final two weeks.

S/W Comps (Languedoc Roussillion) N43.85390 E004.60912 Attractive Aire amongst trees on river bank No services £ but W/G/F/E can all be found at adjacent square where another Aire is. France the final two weeks.

C Montpeyroux (Auvergne) N45.62373 E003.19911 Nice Aire just south of Clermont Ferrand.W/G/F/E ££. On a hill with lovely views high on central France plateau. France the final two weeks.

N/E Boulogne (Nord-Pas de Calais) N50.74308 E001.59688 Cliff top Aire with vies over Boulogne Port W/G/F £. Easy drive to tunnel. France the final two weeks.

N Ouistreham (Normandie) N49.28716 W000.24968 (2018 update – DO NOT USE THIS AIRE OR ANY OTHER AIRE NEAR FERRY PORTS UNTIL THE IMMIGRANT ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED) –  An Unwanted Guest    PREVIOUSLY Perfect Aire if you have and early sailing from or late sailing to Caen. Barrier exit W/G/F ££ – you will be woken by the ferry arriving Bing Bong – Wakey wakey!

C/W Montguyon (Poitou Charentes) N45.21796 W000.18368 Free & Small Aire in football ground parking. W/G/F Free. Nice view of Ruin. Steep entrance & exit but we got in- take it at an angle.

S/W Oloron-ste-Marie (Aquitaine) N43.18399 W000.60854. Small Aire in pyrénées north of the Somport tunnel to Spain W/G/F/E Free. Pretty town on a river. Ideal stop before Spain Sunny Delights

C Donzenac (Limousin) N45.21897 E 001.51829. Small Aire just off A20/E9 supposed to be open all year but was closed end of December. W/G/F/E Free. If open would make good en route stop.

N La Chapelle-Saint-Aubert – This was a Motorway Aire. The first & only one we have used but it was fine. If stuck we would use another. Take care if they are totally empty, safety in numbers!

N Beauvoir/Mont-Saint-Michel (Normandie) N48.59426 W001.5122. Brilliant Aire for visiting Mont-saint-Michel 5k away along cycle path by canal W/G/F/E/WiFi £££ secured barrier entry exit. It’s a hard life.

N Bayeaux / Saint-Vigor-Le-Grand (Normandie)  GPS n49,29949 w0,67436 Small family run Aire on Farm very pretty, large pitches 5k to town W/G/F/E ££ lovely Aire and great alternative first/ last stop for Caen ferry. Bye-Bye Britan – Bonjour Britany

N Fougerés (Brittany) N48.35524 W001.2113 Free Aire in car park by the castle with large pitches for motorhome W/G/F Free. Great castle and pretty town.Slowly slowly gently does it.

C/N Nantes (Pays de la Loire) N47.24252 W001.5568 Camping car park with tram outside to City centre. W/G/F/E £££ Pretty site- need to join to enter – no issue all done on entry panel. Not a Bouncy Castle!

C Cognac (Poitou Charentes) N45.69847 W000.33265 Small Free Aire on Bank of river in central Cognac W/G/F Free. Narrow entrance and exit roads but we got in. We didn’t like this Aire.Cognac and a squeeze.

W Rochefort (Poitou Charentes) N45.92735 W000.95467 quiet and secluded Aire 4K walk into town along river W/G/F ££ – Nice spot and nice town Say Cheese! – Or Rochefort if you like it Blue.

W Mimizan (Aquitaine) N44.21956 W001.22972 large just refurbished Aire 1.5k from beach. W/G/F/E/ £££. Nice Aire barrier entry and exit. Two other Aires in area. One by beach closed. It’s getting warm, Mimizan & Biarritz

Bairitz (Aquitaine) N43.46536 W001.57162 Aire close to great surfing beach and promenade. W/G/F/E £££ Barrier entry/exit Don’t tow anything in. Check route first. We loved Biarritz. Biarritz or Bust. / It’s getting warm, Mimizan & Biarritz


C Zaragoza N41.61994 W0.90122 Free Aire basically just a car park by an amusement park no facilities. Won’t stay again didn’t feel very safe.Hola Espania

S/E Benicarló (Algeria del Mar) N40.42589 W000.43745 Nice site with good pitches. W/G/F/E/WiFi/S/swimming pool ££££ shingle beach close. Dated but immaculate facilities. El Gid? / All settled in and ready for the big Ho-Ho-Ho!

N San Sebastián N43.30797 W002.01426 Large Aire with easy access to centre by bicycle or bus W/G/F £ Northern Spain & San Sebastián

N Santillana del Mar N43.38895 W004.10721 Aire in car park of stunning car free town. No facilities £ (it was free in winter) quiet except school pick up and drop off times. A great day & photo’s to prove it! / Black Friday

N Bermeo N43.42306 W002.72556 Free Aire. Just a car park really. No facilities but Free. Town is nothing special and no walks or views. Won’t stay again.

N Ortigueira N43.560880 W 006.733970 Cracking free Aire amazing sunsets and sunrises by lighthouse on top of cliff. great beach below. Lots to explore W/G/F/E/ Free.The Green Coast.

N Gijón N43.54708 W005.63648 Free Aire with nice views over park and good promenade all the way to town. No facilities Free The Green Coast.

N/W Santiago de Compostela/ Millandoiro N42.84512 W008.58079 Free Aire in car park by school and swimming pool W/G/F/ Free. Noisy at school drop of and pick up times “The Pilgrims way” & “A Tale of Two cities” aka … Santiago & Porto

S/W Seville N37.362400 W 005.994500 Basically a large car park Aire. No services despite what books say however right in centre of city Brilliant location- ok Aire ££ Seville Seduces. / Amorphous Blob

S/W Cadiz/ El Puerto de Santa Maria (camping Playa las Dunnas) N 36.587260 W006.240730 Nice campsite near beach. W/G/F/E/ ££££. Ferry to Cadiz 20min walk. A day in Cadiz

S Cabopino Marbella N36.48873 W004.74302 Large busy site W/G/F/E/WiFi/S/swimming pool ££££ lots of shade so poor for the winter probably what you need in summer. Good facilities. Lazy Days, Amazing Mountains & THE ALHAMBRA

S La Linea (Gibraltar) N36.15583 W005.34553. Large gravelled parking area. No facilities £ walk into Gibraltar or take the van or car for cheep fuel and half price spirits A Date With “The Ducks” on the Rock

S Castell de Ferro (Tropic Autocaravannas) N 36.719700 W 003.364690 Like a small site rather than an Aire W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££. On beach large pitches immaculately looked after but dated. Salsa “NOT POSSIBLE” & “The Invasion of the Poly tunnels” / Nerja- The Balcony of Europe & the road to ‘La Manga’

S Águilas (Anibal) N37.388930 W001.615540 Large secure Aire behind petrol station. Absolutely Immaculate W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££. Electric Gates near to beach. Would use again. Nerja- The Balcony of Europe & the road to ‘La Manga’

S La Manga (Costa Cálida) N37.62465 W 000.74297 Large busy site next to inland sea. W/G/F/E/WiFi/S/swimming pool ££££. Bottom like shanty town . Campsite good & immaculate facilities La Manga, Cartagena & Stunning Reflections

S/E Alicante Fantastic Free beach front Aire GPS N 38.289270 W000 521020. No facilities except what appears to be your own beach. FREE Lovely sandy beach and great views. Arrive full and empty to enjoy some chilled out days we stayed for 3 Fond fairwells and a gorgeous Free Aire on the beach.

S/E Calpe Medium sized Aire GPS N38.658060 E000.077500 Good sized pitches. Rustic “Heath Robinson” affair run by young Russian couple but very clean, unreliable electricity With running of extension leads feeding several pitches. W/F/G/E/S ££ Calpe & Climbing Penyal d’Ifac S

S/E Valencia  N39.579630 W000.444750 fantastic Aire for visiting Valencia approx 30 min tram ride from end of the road or a 25 min drive W/G/F/E/S/swimming £££ immaculate friendly a definite if visiting Valencia. South again for Valencia & Lladró

S/E Benicássim small camp site GPS N40.037280 E000.041020 mix of size pitches some very large. Best shower block so far in any country except UK W/F/G/E/S swimming pool ££££ Benicássim & Vilafamés

E Alcossebre smart Aire more like a campsite GPS N40.245300 E000.271620 http://www.lasmorerasac.com 500 meters from town and beach W/F/G/E/S/swimming ££ Boing …. back North 

E Villanova i la Geltrú (Villanova Park) Huge campsite about half hour drive south of Barcelona GPS N41.23198 E 001.69074 Bus stop outside giving direct link to Barcelona and the town W/F/G/E/S/Swimming pool/bar/shop etc ££££ Barcelona Part 1



C&CC = Camping & Caravaning Club site,   

C&MHC= Caravan & Motorhome Club

S/E London (Theobalds Park C&CC) Lat 51.6872 Long -0.0571 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ Good site to visit London as outside Emission Zone. 30 mins by tube/train to central London. Our 2017 site.

C Birmingham – (Kingsbury water park C&CC) Lat 52.5687 Long -1.7034 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ Great site for the NEC and Central Birmingham. Nice canal walks from site. Bank balance much lighter!

S/W Cotswolds- (Broadway C&MHC) Lat 52.0423 Long -1.87438 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ explore the Cotswolds from this site. Walk to Gorgeous Broadway. Immaculate site stunning facilities. Charming Cotswolds

S/W Somerset (Devises C&CC) Lat 51.3561 Long -2.0717 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ lovely site on Kennet & Avon canal including the 29 Locks at Caen Hill Flight. Dated facilities but immaculate. Devizes Surprises

S/E (East Sussex) Pevensy (Norman’s Bay C&CC) Lat 50.8246 Long 0.3868 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ A very open site with its own shingle beach over road. Good immaculately clean facilities. And we are off!!!!

S/W Devon (Tavistock C&CC) Lat 50.5527 Long -4.0923 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ lovely site on Dartmore. Great walking and hilly cycling from site. Great facilities immediately kept. Long Time – No See

S Hampshire (Wickham Rookesbury Park C&MHC) Lat 50.90656 Long -1.1613 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ Quiet site surrounded by woodland. Stunning facilities immediately kept.

S Hampshire Titchfield (C&MHC carefree Nursery 5 van site) Lat 50.844401 long -1.252195 W/G/F/E/ £££ our favourite certificated site. lovely views & walls. Need to be members and BOOK. Carefree at Carefree

S Hampshire Warsash Dibbles Park (unable to find gps) W/G/F/E/S ££££ ok for a stop over but there are better.

S West Sussex Chidham Coombe Leigh (C&CC certificated site) W/G/F/E/S £££ a lovely little site in an orchard. Perfect for South Downs, Bosham, Chichester, Goodwood. Basic and tucked away. The first 5 weeks

C Cambridgeshire (Cambridge C&CC) Lat 52.16459 Long 0.12334 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ Very open site within cycling distance of city centre Good facilities and immaculately clean.Scorching Cambridge ~Beer festival

S/E Kent (Canterbury C&CC) Lat 51.277 Long 1.1128 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ Lovely site set in different areas walking distance to city centre. Good facilities and immaculately clean Canterbury Tales

S Hampshire (Graffham C&CC) Lat 50.96 Long -0.6615 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ Very Pretty site in the woods so shaded. Dated facilities but immaculately clean. Feels like proper camping. Gorgeous Graffham or otherwise known as “The Marmite site”

C Cambridgeshire (St Neots C&CC) Lat 52.219826 Long -0.274599 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ Lovely site on river bank. Riverside walks dated facilities but immaculate and due refit 2017 Sizzling in St Neots.

S/E Norfolk (West Runton C&CC) Lat 52.9299 Long 1.2555 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ Busy but pretty sire, direct access to Moreland walks. Entrance road poor, facilities dated but immaculate. “The Wild West ” – Runton

S/E Norfolk Sherringham (Foxhills) Lat 52.941872 Long 1.133642 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ small private site next to tank museum. Quiet and attractive. Dated but clean facilities.The first 5 weeks

S/W Hampshire (Verwood C&CC) Lat 50.8876 Long -1.9033 W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ large Nice site just outside New Forrest, Good facilities immaculately clean & we will be working here 2018.A Trip Down Memory lane


N/W Braga N 41.538060 W008.422220 Municipal campsite limited pitches for motorhomes W/G/F/E/WiFi/S ££££ Clean but basic Now I’m not religious but this is impressive!

Aveiro N40.645050 W008.655400 Free Aire close to the centre of this pretty town of canals easy walk. Basic. No facilities free Portuguese Venice & My Toll Road Tantrums’

W Óbidos (Cassa Azzura) N39.392670 W009.169460 More of a small campsite than a Aire but immaculate W/G/F/E/WiFi/S/ swimming pool £££ Great find, quiet and relaxing. First BBQ of December. Bring it on! Óbidos village & Lisbon City The Ghost Coast & 100ft waves

S Albufeira (Camping Albufeira) N37.10632 W008.25356 Large site large pitches walking cycling distance to town W/G/F/E/WiFi/S/swimming pool ££££ Good facilities very clean. The Algarve, via Rip-Off-Roads / It’s beginning to look like Christmas…NOT! / A Different Christmas! / New Year & Gids becomes “The Michelin Man”

S/E Castro Marim N37.220370 W007.444630 W/G/F Free. Good Aire for exploring this end of Portugal. Nice town and castle. Border Town



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  1. Wow, what a list. Very impressive! We’ll be leaving in spring for our first longer trip, to scandinavia… But one day, and we hope end of 2018 we will be following in your footsteps!! Who knows one day we will meet on the road! So thanks for your beautiful blog and this post!

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