About Us

“Adventure B4 Dementia”

We are Gideon Howe & Angela Huyton, two normal people who have realised that life is not about material possessions and have decided to live as much of their future life having “LIFE EXPERIENCE” We hope that you will like our Blog and our ramblings.

In 2016 we decided to sell up, and with our chocolate Working Cocker Spaniel ‘Molly’ spend as much of our future as possible exploring and seeing as much of Europe as we can. Europe has so much culture and history, with so many amazing landscapes and places to see it might just take us the rest of our life to take it all in.

Scared and excited at the same time, but we still take the plunge.IMG_2086

We hope this blog will help other like minded people to take the plunge to enjoy life to the full and allows friends and family to keep tabs on where we are and what we are doing.

We are not rich but have been able to do this with just the equity from selling our home even after paying off the mortgage we still had on it. Everyone can find a dream and make it a reality if they have the determination to do so. Good luck and enjoy reading. G&A

One Life & Lots to See