Rain Rain and More Rain.

It’s been Three weeks since we arrived back in the UK and to be honest in one respect we wish we were back in the sunshine and warmth of Southern Spain. It just has not stopped raining. I think we have had a maximum of Five days where it has not rained. As a result of the daily deluge of water from above, the site has had to close all of the grass pitches as they are totally waterlogged with huge pools of standing water on anything that is not at near vertical. A lot of the vans have had to be towed on and even off the hard standing pitches with the tractor  to try to save the grass and it has been a bleak and miserable start to the season. Our awning and compound consequently has taken an age to shape up into anything resembling cozy, but finally it has come together and we can sit eat and cook in the awning in comfort. The constant fight to keep the detritus from muddy boots, dripping wet weather gear and one very boisterous bouncy and therefore muddy little brown dog called Molly is ongoing and even her enthusiasm is dampened by our need to dry her paws and tummy on her return every time she pops out for a wee or just a mooch around the compound. So having been awoken by torrential rain on the roof of the motorhome at 4am this morning I thought I would do a quick update (aka moan) on the blog. It’s 5.21am and the rain has finally subsided for a moment giving way to to a “hoot off” between the resident owls in the large oaks behind us who are obviously as pleased with the small respite as we are . I can’t help thinking back to last year when we had wall to wall sunshine at Theobalds and we spent every free moment lazing in the sun getting a tan . How fickle the UK weather is but I suppose it is also what I love about the uk weather. It truly makes you appreciate the good days when you have made it through the bad. Bring on the sunshine ….. PLEASE!


2 thoughts on “RAIN RAIN & MORE RAIN”

  1. I think the good weather will start properly next week with the sun making an appearance on a number of days……
    Hopefully it will have dried out the pitches before we arrive…….
    Both the Tavistock and the Moreton site(where we are currently) are in the same state as Verwood seems to be… ..


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