Back in Blighty & “The Calm B4 the Storm”

The crossing was uneventful, we mainly caught up on the lost sleep from our last night in France. We had lunches planned with Angie’s Dad, Sister and Brother in law one day and then my Mum and Dad the next. Catori had her bits and bobs sorted in readiness for the season and then it was time to fill up with LPG Gas and get to Verwood. Unbeknown to us there is a nationwide gas shortage due to the fall out between the U.K and Russia following the Salisbury poisoning incident. Our usual fill up point was en-route to Verwood so made the ideal stop. Unfortunately the tank was being filled at the time and after waiting 20 mins after which they still couldn’t get it going again we decided to get gas at another station…… NOT! Despite checking every petrol station on the way none of them sold LPG. We arrived at Verwood Tired Late and Empty of Gas. The next day I ventured off to get a fill up which, after going to 4 stations who had all sold out of gas, resulted in me going all the way back to Titchfield, a 45 min drive to the only petrol station with gas available and hoping that they had been able to get the pump back on line – Success! Hey ho a morning wasted but we are settled now and have a weeks work under our belt preparing the site for its visitors. As the site is empty of happy holiday makers at the moment Molly gets to run around it chasing the rabbits and pheasants but is also very content in our very large pitch.

It really is the quiet before the storm. Easter is full and everyone is arriving on the two day lead up. Our pitch looks a tad bare at the moment but I am sure Angie and her green fingers will having it looking pretty in no time at all. So here we are, settled for the next six months. As last year the blog will revert to our fourtnighly weekend getaways in the V’ Dub (which incidentally started from her five month slumber over winter on the first turn of her key.)

We hope you will stick with us for the summer and join us as we explore the beautiful English countryside. 

6 thoughts on “Back in Blighty & “The Calm B4 the Storm””

  1. Welcome home Gid and Angie. Interesting European exploits. Hope you enjoy your 6 months in Dorset. Once you are settled in maybe we can meet up.


  2. Hi Gids…Pleased to see that you are both back safe and sound and now installed at Verwood for the season…..
    I never thought that you would be a purveyor of ‘fake news’ Lol..
    There was a shortage of LPG long before the Salisbury incident and if suppliers are blaming it on Salisbury they are using it as just another excuse…
    We have a number of family members down here in Devon that are not on the grid and rely on Calor etc and they have been experiencing delays in deliveries since before Christmas…. Number of reasons for it which I won’t bore you with now…..


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