An Unwanted Guest

An Unwanted Guest …. What a hell the last 24 hours has been. We arrived at Ouistreham Aire where we have stayed at least three times before with no issue whatsoever and had always thought it a great stop over for the ferry. Not this time! We arrived and entered the Aire paying €10 as we pulled up we noticed a few unsavoury characters walking through the site. A few minutes later the door was tapped but no one was there. An hour later and after taking Molly for a walk and posting my last blog update there was a loud noise from the rear of the van that sounded like someone was trying to steal our bicycles. I ran out and two black guys legged it. An hour later – more noise! I went out again one guy was skulking around the van and ran away and four other guys quickly walked out of the Aire. Another 30 mins and we heard something by the door. A guy was trying to crawl under the van. He ran away but the local police were there they explained that they were all illegal immigrants trying to find a lift into Britain. They were not aggressive and we should lock ourselves in and wait till the morning. After another couple of guys were seen scrabbling around our motorhome and at 10.30 we and another English van had had enough. It was apparent that these guys were desperate and will not give up despite us keep chasing them off. We both decided to leave the Aire and park along the coast where parking was not allowed and take our chances with the police instead of the immigrants. 3K later all was quiet at last but we struggled to sleep and it snowed heavily. At 5.45am our newly acquired British comrade tapped the door saying that they were heading to the ferry. Snow covered all of the roads but I just had to grab a photo.


We followed on a few moments later and just as we approached the ferry there was a series of loud banging coming from under the motorhome. We pulled up and I jumped out to find out what it was. An immigrant had strapped himself to the chassis in the Aire and had been under our motorhome when we moved it, all through the night and on the three kilometre drive to the port but presumably had lost his nerve when we had driven at speed or with the slush of the snow. Lucky the local police were at hand and I ran over just as he was up strapping himself. He was simply asked to leave by the police who seemed powerless to act. Lesson learned Never park near a port again. Since Calais closed the immigrants camp there they have spread out along all the other ports trying to find a way in. To make it worse the heating and hot water had failed again on the coldest night so far. Freezing and Sleep deprived we ordered a cabin to catch up on some much needed sleep and a hot shower.

6 thoughts on “An Unwanted Guest”

  1. Oh Gids , how eventful . Lucky you have the most patience and calming nature out of everyone I know .
    sorry to hear you don’t have any heat .
    Love you ❤️


  2. Sorry to read this happened to you but also so sorry for those desperate people. It must have been a frightening experience for you. Hope all is well after the crossing!


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