Heading Home

Heading Home

Monday 12th March
Silly thing to say really as our home is where we park it however the UK will always be our emotional home. After four and a half months touring it is time to go home to earn some money and put down roots for 6 months. We didn’t get back to Barcelona for another day which is a regret but there will always be another year and the next time Molly will stay back and look after the motorhome and we will spend the €80 for two two day pass on the jump on jump off tourist sightseeing bus that covers the whole of the city. Our mind is now on the return journey. Along the coast into France to Perpignan and hopefully to try to see Carcassonne that our mishap last year denied us seeing.  Huge traffic jams – thanks to Gids!   On via Toulouse to Limoges for another night stop then just north of Orléans and then Honfleur for a day and a night before stopping at Ouistreham for a night grabbing the 8.30am ferry to Portsmouth on 19th March. Well that is the plan anyway we have heard that the weather is a tad grim going through France so we wait and see but we have five full days to travel the length of France. First things first Molly needs her check up and passport stamped.


Tuesday 13th
Our last full day in Spain but before we did anything Molly had a 11am appointment with the vet. She needed a thermometer up her bottom, a worming tablet in her tummy and a full health check. Twenty five euros later and her passport was stamped. Hurrah she can come home with us! In the afternoon we headed half an hour drive south for Tarragona and to see the Roman amphitheater. It was a nice afternoon and despite our hesitation with Tarragona as a city itself, the amphitheater was great, only ruined by the passing of millennium and hoards of noisy Spanish school children who were not in the slightest bit interested in Roman architecture and more interested in screaming and running riot in the “gardens of miracle” I hoped a miracle would happen and they would be struck dumb for an hour – no such luck! The harbour and marina were nice too with my pet hate – millionaires gin palaces a plenty. Pretty coves and beaches lay just a kilometre north of the city and we were glad that we had decided to finish our Spanish adventure with some historical culture and a pretty drive along the coastal road. So we are all packed and ready to go. We will enjoy traveling together in the motorhome through France with the car in tow when we get there hopefully tomorrow afternoon.


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