SITGES Spain’s “GAY” resort.

SITGES Spain’s “GAY” resort.

Everyone said we must go and see Sitges when we were near Barcelona. So we did. It has a reputation as being a gay resort so we were not quite sure what to expect however it turned out to be a lovely old town with old church jutting out in to the sea. The weather was overcast but the atmosphere definitely wasn’t. The promenade was typically Spanish with palm trees and a wide tiled walkway and the ten beaches along it to choose from were immaculate.

The buildings behind the promenade were however low rise and interestingly different, each with its bar or restaurant underneath and each with a different facade to its neighbour. There was a carnival feel to the place despite the overcast conditions and a craftwork exhibition and festival was in town with hoards of ladies dressed in matching highly flamboyant home made dresses coats and jackets. Some of the statues around the town seemed to be dressed up with blindfolds, aprons and one in a bikini (this one was a bit obscene so wasn’t photographed) we were not sure if this had something to do with the gay scene or the festival but it added a certain quirkiness to the place.

Excepting the few outrightly camp shops and the odd flamboyantly dressed individual walking around there was nothing to make you feel that this was a gay resort. Perhaps in the summer things may be different but on a Thursday in mid March it was just a nice seaside resort.

Tapas for lunch and despite a very tactile waiter who kept touching my bare arm as often as he could when he passed to ask if all was ok, and here was your next dish, and here is the bill etc, (at least six times) it was an enjoyable albeit chilly (we had Molly so sat outside) lunch. We walked back to the car only to find a huge hairy builder asleep on the pavement next to it and the zebra crossing behind us. Now I’ve heard of the term siesta but surly he could not have been so tired that he could not have found a less busy spot.


Tomorrow we head into Barcelona.

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