Barcelona Beckons … but first Alcossebre & Mutley

Barcelona Beckons … but first Alcossebre & Mutley

Monday 5th March

Alcossebre- Never heard of it? Neither had we and by the looks of it neither had mass tourism. It is a lovely small village/town with a small centre a great beach, promenade and marina and no high rise apartments. It feels relaxed and like a community should. So far out of all of Spain this place feels right and if we were to move out here (which we are still considering in years to come when we have fully retired) it would be one to explore further. We walked the three miles along the promenade to the lighthouse.


(well it looked like one from a distance but when we got there it was more of a large white tower with the usual graffiti on the bottom – Graffiti is something we hate about Spain it is everywhere despite Spain having so many wonderful things for teenagers to do – and we couldn’t see any light at the top either). It was a lovely afternoon and shorts and flip flops were the dress code. As we returned back the wind picked up and the sun was hidden by black clouds. It was really cold and the return three mile trip was NOT as enjoyable and my choice of footwear definitely dubious. In the evening we met up with Alan and Karen for a meal and drinks having a lovely evening finally returning to the van at 11pm.

Tuesday 6th March

Two weeks today we will be back in England. Anxious to make sure we enjoy every bit of the improving Spanish weather we planned another walk in the opposite direction. The weather was better today but learning from the flip flop fiasco yesterday I chose walking sandals (sexy I know!) but definitely NO socks!!! As soon as we reached the beach Molly found a little friend in the shape of a lovely Yorkshire Terrier cross Border Terrier who was a cute as could be, and all alone. He followed us for two miles and Molly and ‘Mutley’ as we named him had enormous amounts of fun running and playing in the sand and water. They resembled something from a romantic movie as they ran next to each other onto the beach. He stayed with us so long that we wondered if he actually had an owner and he was so cute we even considered how we could bring him home if he refused to leave us. Mum & Dad – you nearly had a new addition to your household. Just as we arrived at the restaurant and as quickly as he had appeared he was gone. We grabbed a “menu de Dias” at the end and then returned for home with a cooler walk back.

Wednesday 7th March

We arrived at Villanova park about 25k south of Barcelona. GPS N41.23198 E00169074 and it is a massive site.

We have seven nights here giving us five days to explore the area and especially Barcelona. Having read the guide books it looks like a sizzling city and we are really looking forward to it. We purposely planned that this should be the last stop before heading home and we hope it will be the cherry on the top of cake for our four and a half month holiday. Let’s hope we are right.


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