Guadalest, Xàbia & … BENIDORM!!!

Guadalest, Xàbia & …. BENIDORM!!!

Tuesday 20th February 2018

A month today we sail for Blighty to start our summer contract so with four weeks to enjoy between now and then we headed for the very touristy village of Guadalest. The drive was yet another lovely one through a valleys of orange and lemon trees and over a small pass. The mountainous road cut back and forth until suddenly perched on a hill top was Guadalest.


Despite being a huge draw for coach loads of tourists I had never heard of it. It was stunningly pretty and also quiet in February. A small village on a peninsula of rock with shear drops to three sides and the fourth side providing the only way in by way of a natural tunnel through the rock face.

Amazingly fortified by nature, not man. No wonder it has been a settlement since time itself. After spending a couple of hours in one of the smallest places we have visited we wizzed down the mountain and onto Xábia (pronounced Javea) which also turned out to be a very attractive beachfront resort with a pretty bay and rocky headland and a place we will definitely return to to explore in greater detail.

A good day all in all.

Wednesday 21st February ~ Benidorm!

We had arranged to catch up with Alan & Karen and George & Lynn who were joining a coach trip from La Manga to Benidorm today. Their company was lovely. Benidorm WAS NOT – Enough said? No! – Everyone is entitled to their opinion and for some it may be an amazing holiday experience but it certainly was not our cup of tea, (or even pitcher of beer, or fish & chip supper come to think of it). Mobility scooters everywhere, overweight fat people making way on the pavements for even fatter people to whizz past on scooters, sex shops, striptease clubs, massage parlours and British pubs jostled for prominence along the main strip, high rise ghetto like tower blocks tried to out grow each other to offer a sea glimpse from their upper floors and there was more tat to buy than even a car boot sale could offer. The promenade was nice though – as long as you kept looking out to sea! Benidorm has to be seen, but once in a lifetime is more than enough.

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