Fond fairwells and a gorgeous Free Aire on the beach.

Fond Fairwells and a gorgeous Free Aire on the beach

Well we stayed longer than expected or booked as the weather was kind excepting one or two days and the company was good. We had hooked up with two couples and spent the odd evening together and had also bumped into them on cycle rides and ended up at the bar. We agreed to get together in the UK when we were all back home and as a result we decided to extend our stay here.

The site is nice and the rally goers are very friendly and chatty which had made a nice change to only having the company of each other. We would certainly join another rally as it has been a relaxing break from touring although we have done very little sight seeing excepting Cartagena, Torreviehja and a few drives out in the car. On Thursday we head off to Alicante

Thursday 15th February – Our fair Wells
We had a great day yesterday. The Rally had a get together with live music and we sat in the sun drinking beer and wine and chatting to other Rally goers but in particular Alan & Karen and George and Gill. As the sun crept away from the venue so did we and finished up having a few more drinks at ours before heading down to the local bar for tapas and more drinks. It was a lovely way to finish our fortnight in La Manga where we have met some lovely people. To top it off Andy & Lorraine who were at Verwood when we did our shadowing weekend had turned up and we had a quick chat to them, regretting that we did not have a couple of days more to do a proper catch up. This morning it was time to leave and with some sadness we said goodbye to all six of them and headed north up the coast about 85k to a Free Aire just south of Alicante. GPS N 38.289270 W000 521020. Our Aires & Stop OversOur slight sadness dissipated when we pulled onto the gravel car park by the beach.

We were able to find a beach front spot with great views towards Alicante and up the coast in the other direction to Santa Paola . Out came the chairs to enjoy the 20 degree sunshine and I took Molly for a lovely walk along the beach where she swam and I paddled waist deep all the way along the beach grabbing a few shots of the cormorants who were also basking in the sun.

The sun went down at 6pm and still wearing only swim trunks we decided that we should retire to the van too.

I sit hear at 11.30 updating the blog in darkness excepting a star filled sky listening to the waves on the shore with Alicante lit up across the bay. Sometimes life is just RIGHT.

Friday 16th February – Alicante
Woke to the waves breaking on the beach. It was a lovely way to start the day. The sun was out and I had vowed to keep up the running so I headed off for a run as far as the paths along the shore would take me. They ran out after 3k and running on the sandy beach difficult so I headed back. Alicante is about 5k so we took the car parked and wandered along the promenade and then through the esplanade which was all very nice before heading to the castle. The internal lift through the mountain was closed so we drove to the top, glad that we had not walked as it had turned cooler and it was a climb and a half. The castle was one of the best we had been in (perhaps because it was free so we actually went in and had left Molly in the car). The views were fantastic.

Saturday 17th February – lazy days by the beach
Molly had been poorly during the night getting us up 6 times to go outside and was still not herself so provided the perfect excuse to just laze around on the beach soaking up the sun and making sure Molly was ok of course. We had planned to gol to Elchie to see the town dominated by 200,000 palm trees but it will be there another year. We will head off to Calpe later if we can pull ourselves away from this amazing spot (although the wind was in the other direction this morning so the take off and landings from Alicante airport were also reversed making it a bit noisier. Lucky the wind changed and so did our minds deciding to stay for another evening enjoying a good lunch a short stroll away and witnessing spear fishermen bringing in their catch of fresh octopus.


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