A Day with Dave & Hangover Hell

A Day with Dave and Hangover Hell

One of the reasons that we had elected to stay in La Manga was to experience the Camping and Caravaning club Rally and to be fair it’s a good way to meet other people and exchange stories and experiences. The other reason, the main reason, was to catch up with my old work colleague and buddy Dave Golding who along with his wife Alison had moved to Mazarron just under two years ago and had remained a little elusive since. Dave and I had worked together on and off since the early 1990’s when I employed him as my negotiator when I was running Mann & co in Gosport. We both progressed, I becoming an area Manager and Dave a manager. We moved to another part of the group Austin & Wyatt and I was Dave’s line manager when he was the manager of the Bishops Waltham branch. In time we both left and went our separate ways but I re-employed Dave as my assistant manager a few years later in Wyatts at Fareham (who later was renamed Cubitt and west) who I had joined a year or so earlier. After a break from each other for about 5 years when I joined an independent, we were reunited again when I returned to Cubitt and west in Emsworth and Dave came over to be my assistant manager again. We both worked our last 4 years as estate agents here along with Lulu Duck who also moved to Spain who I have mentioned in recent blogs, and Lorraine. The four of us and our secretary made an amazing team and it was some of my happiest years in the business. Anyway Getting back to meeting Dave. We had agreed to go to their villa before wandering of to grab some food. They have a lovely 2 bed detached villa with private pool and view of distant mountains. We enjoyed an afternoon catching up on what its like to live in this part of Spain, how they are getting on and swapping stories of things that have happened to us all in the last 2 years. Even an mid afternoon curry could not stop the conversation and 5 hours later we had to leave as we had left little Molly back at the Motorhome and it was getting well past her dinnertime. It is apparently obvious that Spain fits well with Dave and Alison who only miss one thing from England – Fratton Park their beloved home ground of Portsmouth Football Club. They have engrossed themselves in the local (mainly British) community and have never looked back.


The previous day (Monday) I had joined the rally on a mini golf day and although nothing like a proper round of golf the Astro turfed undulating fairways with water hazards trees and rocks made for an enjoyable afternoon even though the only club in use was a putter and was great putting practice if nothing else.

Wednesday Thursday & Friday 7th 8th & 9th February

After seeing Dave we have just been chilling, chatting to other Rally goers and socialising a bit, resulting in one very late night (1.45am finish) with two couples Alan & Karen and George & Lynn followed by an all day Hangover for Gids. We have cycled in to town and visited the lighthouse, small pretty fishing port and marina. The sun has been out so we have spent a lot of time doing nothing but relaxing. It’s finally given me time to add a new part to the blog listing all of the Aires campsites and stop overs that we have visited with links to our trip. It’s at the top of Blog Home page if you are interested or on this link Our Aires & Stop Overs


2 thoughts on “A Day with Dave & Hangover Hell”

  1. What a fantastic blog, incredibly informative, and the new addition about Aires and Stopovers is brilliant.
    We are only a couple of years away from doing exactly the same you both, and whats really interesting is, we will finance it all from the sale of our beloved 5 bed home, now that the kids have grown up, to coin that much used phrase “its our time” we are vith in our 50s and cant wait for the adventure to start.
    Keep up the great informative blogs we love reading them.

    Best of luck to you both
    Ged & Jeanette


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