Salsa “NOT POSSIBLE” & “The Invasion of the Poly tunnels”

Salsa “Not Possible” & “The Invasion of the Poly tunnels”

Sunday 28th January 2018

It was a miserable day today, high winds & heavy downpours. We stayed inside doing stuff that we had put off like sorting out the food cupboards etc. Kind of therapeutic in a way. At 5.30 I left for the hour journey to meet Lulu for one last time before we head off. It would be a bitter sweet moment but as luck would have it there was a salsa class and social dance at a Casino near Gibraltar so that’s where we decided to meet up, dance and say our fair Wells. Having arrived at the desk and explained that we wished to dance we were informed that a ID was required to gain entry to the casino. Lulu was ok as she needed a passport to get out and back into Gibraltar and I had my photographic drivers licence so all was well we thought. Nope “It’s not possible” the lady behind the desk said “We need passport. Last month Ok but new rule at Casino we need Passport” I said that I did not have my passport but I had just driven over 100 kilometres to come to dance and surly my photo drivers license is good enough. “Not possible” was the reply. We toed and fro’ed for a while with us trying to explain the distance I had travelled to get there but to no avail.I asked if she could speak to her boss. She rang and after a long conversation she hung up and said “sorry not possible”. I was starting to get frustrated and said I would get Angie to take a picture of my passport and send it to me she can then see the passport and that should be ok – Yes? “Not possible, needs to be original” I said I needed to speak to the manager “He busy, Not possible”
I rang Angie and she took the photo and text it to me and as soon as it arrived I marched to the desk to show ‘mrs Impossible’ she asked me to send it to her e-mail and rang her manager again saying “Will ask but not possible, need original” another round of long fast Spanish con flab was conducted and at the end she put the phone down “OK – next time bring original” It had taken half an hour until we were finally allowed to provide all our personal details, address, phone numbers etc and then allowed in. My small back pack was fully searched. I was the only one who had my bag searched.
The dancing was great, a fantastic venue and lots of really good dancers to choose from, and for once the music was not so loud so you could chat. It was lovely to be able to talk to Lulu as well as dance.


By 10.40 I was run ragged and Lulu needed to get back to the Rock so we said our goodbyes and went in opposite directions.

Monday 29th January 2018

It was still really windy today which may make the coastal journey two hours east interesting. It did. Spanish road building is a marvellous art and the A7 from Cabopino towards Almeria is yet another amazing bit of road that spends most if its time spanning huge valleys or burrowing its way through mountain ranges.


With only 10k to go our route took us through an immense area of polly tunnel farming. Whole mountain sides were covered with them and when we came to the eastern side of Torrenueva the small communities of homes were swamped by mile after mile of poly tunnel and reminded me of some sort of last stand fighting back the invading forces that had totally encircled them.The best way to really understand the scale of the invasion is from the air thanks to Google map.

Cities of plastic sheeting seen from space
Not an avalanche of rock- poly tunnels dwarfing the motorway network.
A town under siege
The last stand

The last bit of squiggly road (N340) that had worried me on the map turned out to be just out of this world to drive and amazing quality. Sweeping curves hugged the mountain side with the churning sea far below on one side and huge mountains on the other with only the wide two and three lane tarmac between.

Our Aire in Castell de Ferro GPS N36.71970 W 003.36469 is right on the beach and is run by a young French couple who have been gradually upgrading the site and it is very neat. The town is surrounded by the encroaching plague of poly tunnels but the site it is not shaded so we should be able to enjoy the sun when it decides to come out again and assuming that I can drag myself away from driving those roads designed for the petrol head.

Someone very kindly drew a large white arrow on the beach pointing to our Aire.

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