It’s Mijas Monday with a large portion of Chinese

It’s Mijas Monda with a large portion of Chinese  – and this blog may seem a bit anti Chinese,which I am certainly not. See post script at the end

So having spent a few days doing nothing much but massively enjoying the company of good friends and dodging rain drops we decided to venture out today as the sun had decided to do the same. Mijas for some reason or another is not in our guide book and we know not why. Yes it is a bit touristy but it is very pretty and it only became touristy because of how pretty it is. “If you got it flaunt it baby” and Mijas certainly does flaunt it in style. Half way up a mountain this visually stunning whitewashed village has become a town and now a province stretching the 5 miles down to the sea.


We spent a very relaxed and chilled afternoon walking the narrow streets interspersed with flights of steps to get you from one level to another. Little (some would say tacky) shops filled the edges of the streets and coach loads of Chinese tourists filed the bits in the Middle all taking one billion photos of everything that moved and everything that didn’t and all doing stupid poses for photographic effect or perhaps to just make the 5 bazillion snaps that they have taken just that little bit less mind numbingly, ‘chew my own arm off to ease the pain’ boring for the poor relative or friend that has to endure the three week long event that is… watching Chi Long Lea’s photographic excerpts of Europe. Well I suppose it’s one way to help with the birth control program China has adopted – everyone is so bored senseless that they find it hard to wake themselves up to procreate. A transistor radio one decade an iPhone and a selfi-stick the next. Anyway back to Mijas… we always try to go off the tourist trail ( well that’s what I tell Angie to cover the fact that I have got us a bit lost) and some of the back streets that have not been designed and ‘set’ to look chocolate box Spanish pretty, were also very traditionally lovely. Many with jaw dropping glimpses of the hilltop views of the countryside below through the narrow steps down to the next level. By the time we had become “un-lost” and back in the quintessentially Spanish streets full of Asian tourists again we had worked up and appetite and plonked ourselves in a tapas bar ordering a large beer a white wine and four tapas to share to abate our rumbling tummies.


The sun, that had decided to have a rest for the last hour, came out to play again and it was lovely soaking up its warmth even having to take off the C&CC fleece and my puffer jacket (hiding its logo) that had been working together to keep me snug. After enjoying lunch and turning our back on china town We paid the €1 multi-storey car park charge and headed back down the road to Fuengirola for a drive along the whole of the ‘kiss me quick’ promenade. The beach is stunning, mile upon mile of fine grey sand only broken up by bars and small pockets of windbreak enclosed sunbathing heaven areas with a few desperado’s clamped to the sun beds by a “I’ll get a tan to prove I’ve been away if it kills me” attitude. At one time in our lives I’m sure we would have probably enjoyed this place for a summer holiday, but not now. We headed further down the coast to drive through the Glitz and Glamour that is Marbella with a view to return to Marbs when we had time to get out of the car, walk the boardwalks and rub shoulders with the rich and infamous. It was all very neat, wide streets, posh cars everywhere, garages with Bentleys on their forecourt in gay abandon, Porsche Cayenne’s (apparently the car of choice) double parked and gated cctv controlled developments lined the western fringes and then there was us in our Smart car!

post script :- Those who actually know me know that I am one of the most all encompassing individuals who believes in equality of all, irrespective of colour, creed, race, religion, ethnicity, wealth or anything else. As long as people give back to the society they choose to live in and integrate with its principles and laws I believe that anyone should be able to live anywhere. The more the world opens up and becomes an all inclusive society accepting people for who they are with no prejudice the less likely we are to experience war and terror in the future. As for the Chinese well despite their sheer numbers it is fantastic that they have been able to become the new tourist and enjoy parts of the world previously forbidden to them.

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