Sunday with “The Girls”

Sunday with “THE GIRLS”

But first .. Saturday 13th January 2018
It’s was cold today but hey you can’t expect glorious sunshine every day and when you’re away for four and a half months it doesn’t matter if some days are a bit grubby. There will be plenty more days of sunshine to come – we hope- I remember when we used to go on holiday either in the uk or abroad and having two weeks of wall to wall sunshine was utopia and if, heaven forbid, it was rubbish for a few days, a week or all of the two weeks then it felt like a holiday washout. So with a damp and chilly day ahead of us we planned a quick walk on the promenade at Estepona a whizz around Lidl and then afternoon back at the villa to let Paul and Lulu’s tenants in to measure up and then I had offered to take Paul to the Airport in the early evening.

Sunday 14th January 2018
A Day with the GIRLS
We had agreed to meet Lulu and the girls today and go see Naylor their horse. As usual it was a lazy entry into the day especially as it was raining but Lulu turned up just after 11am having already dropped the girls off for their riding lesson. Coco their little dog made friends with Molly and after a quick coffee/tea I followed Lulu in her car to the stables only to return to pick up Angie and Molly. It was persisting it down when we arrived and we had to resort to digging out our work wet weather coats for the occasion. Arabella had finished her lesson and Angel was bravely galloping over jumps on her gorgeous but unruly and manic horse Naylor. Although the jumps were only low the speed of the gallop made us wince at the thought of Angel being thrown. When the jumping was finished the horses retired for the day and the girls cleaned and groomed them. We got a chance of an up close experience and although Naylor was manic in the equestrian ring she was really placid at the stable block and allowed us to pet her within ease.


We headed for the villa, ran the girls (it ended up being for all three of the ducks) a big hot bath stuck on the log burner and started a Paella. After a while the girls came and sat in front of the fire watching Mr Bean and brushing their hair. We sat and chatted in front of the fire. Angel did her homework on the table and Arabella danced “her kind of dance” until the Paella was finally ready.


It was lovely sitting down in such relaxed and easy company with a big pan of Paella and some fresh bread to share. Salsa music played in the background. After slouching on the sofa again for a while Arabella Lulu and I decided to take Molly and Coco for a walk along the beach and watch the sun slowly settle down for the evening behind the western clouds giving each cloud a bright orange edge. I realised walking back that it was me and six girls (two women, two girls and two girl dogs) even the horse was a girl! Probably that was what made it such an easy and special afternoon. I felt truly blessed.

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