Amorphous Blob


Saturday 6th January 2018 – AMORPHOUS BLOB
After yesterday’s feet killing marathon of standing and walking and the fact that Molly cold shouldered us for an hour or two when we finally got back, we decided to have a more sedate day and wander into other parts of the city with Molly in tow. After a brunch of ham and mushroom omelette (we find brunch works for us as it fits in with our late entry into the day, keeps us going till late afternoon and cuts out one meal) we wandered up the riverbank promenade to see the Torre del Oro (originally a watch tower to protect the city from attack from the river and then on to the famous Plaza de toros Maestranza (Sevilles bull fighting ring) we decided to not go in as blood sports are not our thing but a look from the outside was fine.) before heading into another part of the old town.


The architecture of the old town is gorgeous and I spent most of the route looking up.


Earlier we had finally got to meet Duncan and Jo who we will be working with in the summer and exchanged telephone numbers agreeing to catch up some point in the day. After a quick text message exchange we met them and three other couples in a plaza. All of them either worked for the camping and Caravaning club or had done so in the past. They were all off for tapas so we joined them, initially just for a drink as we had already eaten but decided to join in with the tapas (our excuse was it would make splitting the bill easier) one of the dishes was pig cheek stew which sounded grim but tasted lovely and a first for us. After a laughter filled lunch all ten of us wandered of to the Metropol Parasol which is apparently the largest wooden building in the world. It is a huge Amorphous Blob of modern architecture that you could walk up to the top of, so we did.


I must say that Seville looks nicer from street level than from above unlike London which I have always felt the opposite.

On the way back to the Aire Richard and Angela our managers for the summer rang to say they had also finally arrived at the Aire. We all found a riverside bar and they joined us for a drink before the chill of 5pm made us head for warmth and our vans.


Sunday 7th January 2018

We had decided to move onto Cadiz today as the recurring hot water and heating issue had reared it head again and we needed electricity and had found a site just outside. We woke to a dreary morning. Everybody seemed to be having a similar idea and were all moving off to different locations albeit we were not aware that Richard and Angela were also heading to Cadiz as they called the campsite we were heading to by it’s name rather than just “Cadiz”. When we realised that we were in fact heading for the same place we agreed to meet up again at the site. Despite leaving at quite different times and taking totally different routes we ended up arriving within 10 mins of each other.


We grabbed two spots adjacent to each other and set out for a drink at the Marina. By the time we headed back it was late so we ended up grabbing an evening meal at the campsite which was superb. Richard had beef cheek which also sounded grim was really tasty too.
We agreed to meet and head off to Cadiz late morning utilising the ferry and their first hand experience of the place rather than us just bumbling through the streets.

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