It’s beginning to look like Christmas…NOT!

It’s Beginning to look like Christmas… NOT!

Wednesday 20th December

We have been at camping Albefura for a few days now, the Christmas lights are up but Christmas in the sun doesn’t feel very Christmasy and it’s hard to believe that in a week it will all be over. We are however starting to relax into the way of life that the other residents have adopted. It starts with a lazy entrance to the day followed by not a lot to do and then nothing much for the afternoon followed by a dose of relaxing as the sun sets. I’ve had a few 5 or 6k runs and we have popped to the local Lidl for a few supplies but apart from that and a walk into town we have been chilling. The sun is at full height by 11am and our pitch enjoys full sun till about 4.30 and it gets really hot – proper sunbathing weather. We need to think about Christmas Day and the new year. New year is sorted as Albefura apparently really knows how to party and we have decided to walk into town grab a meal and then hit a few bars around the square where bands will be playing and fireworks will herald in the new year. We have chatted to a few couples here and a few of them seem to be doing the same and we have sort of agreed to join together to see in the new year. Apparently thousands of people fill the streets and there is a real vibe in the air. As for Christmas Day well that still needs to be resolved. We won’t be joining in the organised campsite dinner as it’s too expensive but are not sure if we should have a paella or BBQ in the awning or a more traditional feast in the van. Perhaps the 4 or 5 days between now and then will make our decision easier.

Albefura is lovely especially the old town and the beach is to die for. I’m definitely going to have a swim before we leave. Still no heating or hot water in the van but hay-ho the fan heater keeps us cozy at night, the showers are fab and the sun is out.

Friday 22nd December 2017
Our casual chats to the other guys on the site have continued and we have had a couple of evenings with Pret and Cat our immediate neighbours where Pret made a Indian stew and we returned the favour the next night with a Paella. Far to much alcohol was consumed last night and after they left we continued drinking when four other campers that we had spoken to earlier kidnapped me on the way to the toilet block. After allowing me to fetch Angie to join us we sat outside around a fire pit and I endeavoured to teach Michelle how to salsa. Gravel underfoot, too many drinks for me, flip flops, and a very tipsy Michelle are not the best ingredients for a salsa lesson. Hangovers last forever as you get older don’t they. When I finally felt well enough to brave sunlight we ventured out and decided to head to the British shop (basically a shop selling Iceland and Waitrose products at slightly inflated prices but fab if you are missing the taste of Blighty) it was about 4K away and we thought we would see if we could find something tasty for Christmas Day. Well we weren’t expecting to but we have now decided to cook a traditional Christmas turkey dinner with all the trimmings and cold meat and mash for Boxing Day. Yummy.

The Portuguese seem to lean towards Octopus going by the pictures on the bill boards, not really what I would call traditional Christmas Food but at least it saves the argument over who gets the leg

If we don’t Post anything before Christmas Day…..


we hope you will have a joyous day wherever you are and whoever you are with.


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