First BBQ of December. Bring it on!

Wednesday 6th December 2017
Woke late as the water and heating had failed yet again so we decided to have a slow entry into the day under the duvet. A bit of shopping for food, booze and an amp meter to check the current to the boiler and when we got back a three way conversation took place with Andy from southdowns motorhomes to try to work out why our heating and hot water were not working. After lots of scrabbling under the bed to access the boiler and an inordinate amount of plug pulling and replacing, button pushing and terminal checking it was decided that we needed two new controllers for the system and Andy agreed to put them in the post tomorrow.

Thursday 7th December 2017
We asked Sven the owner of the site if we could have them delivered here and he agreed saying that the earliest it would arrive would be Tuesday if they were dispatched today. There was nothing for it apart from accepting the bum hand we had been dealt with, move to a sunnier pitch and to get the BBQ out for an afternoon lazing in the sun. Oh life is soooooo stressful at times!

Luckily this site is just about near enough Lisbon and other interesting places that we wanted to visit should still be able to spend the time wisely using Sunny the smart car.  It also is the best Aire or campsite that we have stayed on for ages and has immaculate facilities, hot showers and electricity all for about €10 a night so we should be able to slum it for a while.


Once the parts arrive and we fit them we can do the last few hundred kilometres to Albefura for the Christmas period.

A huge nest is up in the trees just down the field from us. Does anyone know who would build a nest like this? Oh do I sound like Lloyd Grossman?

3 thoughts on “First BBQ of December. Bring it on!”

  1. How hot is it? Wish i was coming over now during the christmas break. Could do with a BBQ in December. Hope your both having a lovely time and also Molly. I’ve made the effort to start reading your log haha.
    Missing all 3 of you,
    Love from your son Ryan 😉


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