Now I’m not religious but this is impressive!

Sunday 3rd December 207

After a fab day yesterday whatever we did today would be a let down – or so we thought! We had decided to stay another day and stumbled upon ‘Bom Jesus do Monte’ only 6k away, the most impressive religious sanctuary in Portugal according to the guide book.

It was started in 1722 and took 90 years to complete. A series of 14 scenes showing the story of the crucifixion is depicted on the long walk up the staircase. Each scene made up with life size terracotta figures is depicted in an individual chapel

and is set over an impressive staircase of 590 steps leading up to the church of Bom Jesus at the top of the mountain with its stunning interior. No excuses and nothing else to say so here are the photos in order of the depiction

Chapel of the Last supper

Chapel of Christ’s agony in the garden

Chapel of the Kiss of Judas

Chapel of Darkness

Chapel of Flagellation

Chapel of the Crown of thorns

Chapel of the Road to calvery

Chapel of Jesus before Pilate

Chapel of Crucifixion

Chapel of Simon the Cyrenien

Chapel of the descent from the cross

The final fresco in the church was truly magnificent and the church was painted from top to toe in amazing scenes.


We really enjoyed the climb to the summit and Molly had a great afternoon running up and down the steps. After all that climbing we had truly deserved a drink and a bite to eat and there was an open air terrace cafe with an amazing view over Braga that was begging us to partake in its delights, so we had a light lunch before making our way back down the 590 steps back to the car.


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