Northern Spain & San Sebastián

6745FBE5-8131-4360-959D-A7A5BA4E8CF1Sunday 19th November
We weren’t sure what we wanted to do today. The sun was out and it was warm, really warm and it was a Sunday. We had looked at the surfers riding the waves yesterday and I said that I would love to get out onto the water. After taking Molly for a walk and inspecting the surf I returned to the motorhome and asked if we could stay another day so I could do some body boarding. We needed diesel for the motorhome and petrol for the smart car but it was Sunday, and everything is shut on Sundays so we agreed to have another day in Biarritz and leave tomorrow when the petrol stations were more open.
Needing no excuse to delay I got into the wetsuit, got out the body board and flip-flops and wandered off to the beach. An hour later I was back saying that I had an really good time and ridden some amazing waves but the swell had become too big for me to get over and wishing I could proper surf like the big boys do.
We had lunch in the sun and then took Molly for her second walk of the day. She loved the sand and the beach and after walking to the end of the promenade we sat and watched the ‘proper’ surfers at it. Some of them were really amazing.
We have now parked the smart car in an adjacent car park after punching in the code and doing a quick reverse away from the barrier once it went up. We think we have now fooled the barriers into believing that we have come back into the Aire with the motorhome. When we leave tomorrow we will find out.


Monday 20th November.
We had a short journey today as it’s only about an hour to San Sebastián. I took advantage of the time on my hands and did 9k run along the beach to the peninsula we walked out on to yesterday. It was a lovely run despite getting wet trainers and not a bad time to. Molly didn’t come as she had a poorly tummy (perhaps it was all the sand she ate yesterday).
Our plan worked the barrier went up and Catori was free to head off to Spain. Angie followed in the smart car and we slipped into Spain like a hot knife through warm butter. No border control no passports to show. If it were not for the different road signs we would have been none the wiser, although the drivers were a little more erratic, the dress sense less fashionable and the shape of the pedestrians slightly more portly than their French neighbours.

The Aire GPS n43.30760 w00201417 is more of a car park than a camping Aire and we are a bit squashed in but at €3.20 a night including water waste and WC that’s not to be sneezed at. We couldn’t find a space for Sunny so headed of into the centre.
This is our first taste of Northern Spain and so far it has not disappointed. San Sebastián is stunning and very cosmopolitan. We parked in a massive underground car park and walked up to the promenade. It hugged the crescent shaped beach with immaculate sand surrounded by elegant buildings overlooking the bay. A small island sits in the bay and it is all picture postcard pretty. We were both hungry and set of to find something to eat. It came in the shape of a fish restaurant on the edge of the quayside who were just about to close but they let us dine as long as we ordered quickly. We shared a whole Monkfish in a garlic sauce. Not cheap but very scrummy!
After paying the bill we wandered up onto the lower ramparts and then into the old town.

The narrow, dead straight streets with high period buildings either side and gothic sculptured churches crammed into them led to pretty squares. The best of which was the Plaza de la constitutión. It used to be used as a bullfight ring and each of the apartments with balconies looking onto the plaza was given a number and used to rent out their balcony for spectators .


As we continued to wander the sun was setting and the whole place started to come alive. Tapas (or Pintxo As they are called in Basque Country) bars were everywhere and were getting ready for the night trade. We have vowed to return tomorrow evening to savour the flavour and atmosphere of San Sebastian at night.

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