Northern Spain & San Sebastián


6745FBE5-8131-4360-959D-A7A5BA4E8CF1Sunday 19th November
We weren’t sure what we wanted to do today. The sun was out and it was warm, really warm and it was a Sunday. We had looked at the surfers riding the waves yesterday and I said that I would love to get out onto the water. After taking Molly for a walk and inspecting the surf I returned to the motorhome and asked if we could stay another day so I could do some body boarding. We needed diesel for the motorhome and petrol for the smart car but it was Sunday, and everything is shut on Sundays so we agreed to have another day in Biarritz and leave tomorrow when the petrol stations were more open.
Needing no excuse to delay I got into the wetsuit, got out the body board and flip-flops and wandered off to the beach. An hour later I was back…

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