Biarritz or Bust.

I got lost today – I saw a circular walk yesterday and thought I would run it today. Having got lost and after 7k I decided that it was not a great walk for us as it was through the trees and could have been anywhere.

We drove to Rocher de la Vierge, a rocky outcrop attached to the mainland by a wooden bridge and gorse-way (still can’t believe that Catori made it through some of those roads). Having parked we walked to the outcrop and out on to the furthest point allowing us to look back at the whole of the Basque coast.

Some nutter was swimming around the rocks in the swell and shortly after we noticed a whole bunch of them in nothing but speedos or bikini bottoms splashing their way out to sea. A small bay round the next bend had a load of kids taking surf lessons and a few lads walking the tightrope that was stretched out across the mouth of the bay. They were doing more falling off it than walking it and it was fun to watch them plop into the sea. As we watched, a few of the swimmers returned to the beach and one lady bearing all, and wearing noting but a bikini bottoms dried herself and then stood in a crucifix position against a wall with a sea goddess painted on it right behind her soaking up the sun. Perhaps she had visions of greatness or perhaps it was just to top up the tan.

We wandered back to the car and then on to the playa watching the surfers battle with the white horses. Two grand cafe crem’s were ordered at the cafe on the beach and a leisurely coffee taken watching the surfers at their game.

We walked back to the car and then drove on to the lighthouse which was started in 1830 built to the half point in 1831 and topped out in 1832

We love Biarritz. The houses look like something out of the Munsters each with a turret and a castle keep, each trying to out do the one down the street and the spirit of one up man ship is alive. The narrow one way streets, the amazing waves crashing against the shore and over the rocks. There is a “lets be alive” spirit of the semi naked surf swimmers, white horse riding surfers and trapeze aritist all braving the sea in late November.

It inspired me to come back to the van and don the wet suit, get out the body board and go surfing – well for a moment at least. After a walk to the sea the waves had turned to rollers and the surf was done for the day. At least I tried on the wet suit and it still fits although the shape hugging properties of latex rubber do have me looking like I am just about to give birth. Well Perhaps tomorrow I will surf before we leave Biarritz.

Tomorrow we head into Spain – well at least if we can get out of the Aire. A double exit barrier is creating a conundrum. The gap between the two exit barriers is just about long enough to fit Catori between them. The second dosnt go up till the first has come down. We can get Catori in between them but not with the car attached or even following closely. This presents a problem, how do we get two vehicles out of the Aire with a ticket for only one. Watch this space – we don’t quite know the plan we have hatched will work but we have to find some way to extract Catori and Sunny from Biarritz!

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