Cognac and a squeeze.

Cognac Tuesday 14th November 2017

View from our window. Not bad for €0.00 per night


On arriving in Cognac the entrance to the only 4 space Aire  GPS n45,69847 w001,33265 was through a small square (typically France with trees and cars parked either side) We squeezed around the first 90 degree corner with cars on either side but at the bottom a German Motorhome had bumped up on the kerb totally negating any chance of making it around the right hand bend for any motorhome let alone Catori . It’s German owner came rushing out saying that the Aire was full and not working and we should go and find another. I went to investigate myself only to find that there was a fantastic space right on the front overlooking the Hennessy building. Never to be told what to do by anyone, I became determined to get into the space. We un-hitched the car and I attempted to get round the corner going forward but it was no good. No matter how many too and fro’s I did it was not going to make it. Option 2 reverse it in. Without the car on the back this was now possible and a left turn took me away from the inconsiderately parked German. As I squeezed through the gap and reversed past her, back down the road into the spot I glanced into her motorhome and she did not look very pleased. I then wondered if she had been left behind to guard the entrance in case a space came available in the Aire whilst her husband had gone of somewhere, the distillery tour perhaps. The space had become available whilst he was away and it was her duty to keep it free until Her husband returned. We will never know but I like the idea of that

Our Motorhome on the right. Photo taken from the other side of the river

The morning had started late again and my proposed second run was put on the back burner. With only two hours of the morning left by the time we roused ourselves from our bed there just wasn’t enough time to squeeze a run in. I took Molly for a walk while Angie prepared herself and the van for travel. By 1pm we were ready for the off suitably emptied of waste and filled up with fresh water. It was only 1hour 15 mins to Cognac and 15 mins of it was bone shaking. Margret has a knack of taking us down small B roads to save a few miles or mins and there is no way of changing her settings to keep to main roads and whilst we like to see rural France we don’t need to see every farmyard and hamlet in the course of getting to where we want to go. I think I will have to do some map planning and split the journey to fool her in the future.


We had a wander around the town which apart from the waterside and the Hennessy complex had little to offer over many other French towns. We were sort of expecting more from such a famous location. We had intended to do the distillery tour but at €20 each we decided that one distillery tour is the same as another and we would rather spend the €40 on a bottle than a lot of waffle. What’s more the Hennessy flag reminded me of the Soviet Union flag flying over the cremlin.


Tomorrow we have a 4hour drive to the heart of the Vendee and enjoy some long walks on amazing sandy beaches.



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