Not a Bouncy Castle!

Saturday 11th November 22.58pm

A two hour drive from Fougerés brings us to Nantes. The roads were typically “French quiet” and we didn’t leave until after 11.30 watching the French remembrance service on French telly. Although the tv and the satellite both work independently from a 12v socket the telly doesn’t want to share the socket with the satellite box (the selfish thing) and immediately powers itself down. A quality 12v extension lead or powerful splitter is needed me thinks.


No low bridges or tight roads to contend with today and we arrived at the Aire relaxed and ready to do some sightseeing. It is a nice Aire with level pitches amongst grass and trees GPS n 47.24252 w 001.55680 but at €14.50 a night it’s is not the cheapest however it has free wi-fi, water, waste, w.c and battery charge if you need it. As it is the first night we have paid for in 4 nights, the cost is not too difficult to swallow and it’s why I’m using as much free wi-if as possible.  It is right in the centre of the city with a tram line bang outside however as we have dragged him behind us all this way we jumped into Sammy the smart car and shortly found the chateau and cathedral. On a couple of photos we saw on the net earlier it showed the massive mechanic elephant thing and it looked so good that we decided to go see for ourselves. Signs to it were everywhere so we were expecting good things. After a twenty minute walk to get there against the wind we found it but it was more of an indoor attraction and the queue to get in was massive. As we had Molly with us that was a non starter. Was it all as it was made up to be? well we will never know but at least the twenty minute walk back had the wind behind. It was getting dark on our return to the Chateau so we did a quick skirt around the Chateau. Now I have seen many bouncy castles in my day but unusually this is the first chateau we have seen with a full height top to bottom stainless steel slide on its external wall. If only I was a child once more but as I am not we headed for Home after taking  a quick wiz around some of the other sights by car – (mainly stately avenues lined with trees and renascence grandiose buildings and a few statues thrown in for good measure) and a pit stop at Lidle for tonic for the gin and a couple of bottles of our favourite Bordeaux at €2.45 a bottle – smooth!

So Tomorrow we have a three hour drive to Rochefort. We are heading steadily south to try and grab a bit of better weather. I didn’t let Angie bring her big warm winter coat with us saying that we won’t need it and she is not letting me forget it! For the sake of both of us we could do with some warmer weather.

The Chateau at Nantes


Not a bouncy castle a slidey castle

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