Bye-Bye Britan – Bonjour Britany

Woken by a French cockerel in a lovely small farm style Aire just outside Bayeux GPS N49,29949 W0,67436 I thought it was a good time to update the blog with where we are and what has happened since the last post so ……..

We arrived at Carefree last Tuesday afternoon and had the end spot – probably because Catori is the longest kiddy on the block so she don’t get in the way. We really love this little site as it is so quiet with lovely views over farmland towards the Solent. At night we get to watch the big illuminated cruise ships pass by out of Southampton most of them looking more like a moving high rise town than a ship! The sky’s are black and star watching is great through the skylight on a clear night.

On Wednesday we did a bit of catching up with friends and I (Gids) went to salsa and burnt off a few calories in readiness for days of eating yet to come.

Thursday was my Birthday. We caught up with my Mum and Dad at the Bosham inn for a meal then Ryan our son for an evening meal ( we felt like the vicar of Dibley on her Christmas meal ordeal). More evening Salsa was needed to purge some of those calories.

Friday the sun was out and we took Molly for walk down to the beach – she adores the sea and the shingle beach fetching and chasing sticks from the water.

Saturday, another round of Eating Lunch at the Titchfield Mill with our long time friends Andrea and Tim and then a curry in the evening with Lorraine and her husband Steve.

Sunday involved a long awaited round of Golf with our son Ryan, nephew Martin and my best mate Steve. Steve won as usual but only by two points. He says that the new relaxed stress free Gids has had a positive effect on my game. Angie made delicious Lamb shanks for tea and then there was another evening of Salsa for me.

From left Steve Martin me & Ryan

On Monday I took the clubs to the garage for winter storage and received a text an email and a voice message from Britany Ferries. They seemed very keen to get hold of me for some strange reason and when I rang them back there was a sudden unexpected change to the plans. Our ferry had been cancelled! The leisurely Wednesday morning before we left for France was gone and we had an early morning ferry to catch.

Tuesday- Catori needed a last minute visit to southdowns at 9.30 am for her annual damp check and some work on two slightly leaking windows, and we whiled away the time that she was there with another round of more eating and seeing people. Full English breakfast and then an afternoon meal with Angie’s sister and Dad. I spent my birthday present money buying a pair of Oakley Sunglasses that I had been promising myself for over 15 years but could never warrant the expense but somehow as we spend most of the year in the sun now the expense seems a little more qualified. In the hope that I can loose the blubber that I have gained I also brought a smart shirt and polo shirt from crew that are slightly too tight but I refuse to buy anything other than a medium fit now a days and vow to run myself slimmer  to fit into them.

Wednesday We are off! The alarm went at 5.30am and a quick pack up and drive took us to Portsmouth ferry terminal to board Normandie to France. The new camera took some great close up shots of the Solent forts each totally unique and now all being used for something totally different one is a luxury millionaire home two others luxury hotels and a one as a museum

After a non eventual trip we find ourselves in a pretty Aire on a farmyard just outside Bayeux.

Totally shattered after a full day of driving we took Molly for a quick walk, broke out the GIN had a quick ‘spag Bol’ and  crawled into bed at 9.30pm (that’s 8.30 UK time) watching Blue planet on DVD. I think I saw the opening sequence!

Today a visit to the beaches of the D-day landings and then into Bayeux to see the UNESCO Listed tapestry and the first town to be liberated from the Nazi’s.

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