Packed up and ready to go

Best of friends Molly & Ruby

Molly has said goodbye to her friend Ruby as our Seven months in Theobalds has finally come to an end. The last month has been quiet on site despite having a lot to do to get ready for our time away and the month has really dragged! We can’t wait to board the ferry for mainland Europe.

Have we enjoyed our first season working for the Club? – yes definitely. I must admit that Cleaning loo’s would not have been a career choice but it’s serves a purpose and there has been no stress, worry or targets and the job is relaxed and enjoyable ( yes even loo cleaning)  Ok so it isn’t a true holiday site and it is full of workers so is empty during the day however we have made some good friends who we will miss but I am sure we will keep in touch and hope to see from time to time. We will miss the Wednesday  ‘book club’ at Donna & Rays which has nothing to do with books and an awful lot to do with eating and consuming vast quantities of alcohol.


Molly has loved being included in the T.D.W.C  ( Theobalds dog walking club) with Donna and Ruby the King Charles Spaniel, Tony and Max the Great Dane and Bob the cat who tags along behind. She looks forward to “uncle Pete” her walking buddy  returning from work each night for their ritual 5 circles of the site ( so much so that I struggle to get involved and feel guilty if I walk her earlier) so I gave up my evening walking rights for the benefit of Pete and Molly feeling that I was “cramping their style”.


So the awning is cleaned and re-proofed and looks as good as new albeit slightly faded.  It has been an amazing bit of kit and I would recommend one to anyone. Everything for next summer is packed into the Dub which is now safely stored at its winter home in the Verwood Camping and Caravaning Club Site where we will be working next year – HURRAH ! This was our first choice of site and we are really looking forward to working next year with Richard and Angela the site managers.  Catori the motorhome has been cleaned polished and waxed and is sparkling inside and out she is serviced has a new MOT is taxed re-insured and is gagging to get her tyres on to French roads. We now have a week to do all the “back home” things  such as seeing  friends and family and doing a bit of  Christmas shopping.

So it’s Goodbye Theobalds- we will mis you and all the residents as we know most of them on first name basis  ( I never thought I would say that !)   and “Allo Allo” to France. Going forward on our travels we hope that we will be able to do a weekly blog update of our travel highlights in that week ( internet access permitting ) and we hope to pack it full of facts, amazing  photos with our new camera and useful info as well as my incoherent ramblings, awful spellings and poor grammar on occasions. Bare with me most of the posts are done after  a few drinks have been consumed!!

And just to finish this post a few photos of the two of the most unusual vans that have been with us and the birds that visit the site despite it being so close to London. As my old boss used to say from his favourite 80’s girl band It is the Banarama effect. I.e. “it’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it “!  Rock on the camping experience.

This must be the smallest van in existence
An American classic. A 1960’s import


One of a flock of 20 + parakeets that live on the site



5 thoughts on “Packed up and ready to go”

  1. Hi Gids..Hi Angie..
    Pleased to read that you are now already for the ‘off’….

    Interested to see that you managed to get the awning cleaned and re-proofed before packing it away… It was all we could do just to pack ours away dry due to the constant bad weather…. We will have to clean and re-proof it next spring….
    By the way what did you use to clean and re-proof….?

    The assistants that have been here at Tavistock will also be moving to Verwood next season so we will catch up with you all when we visit there in the spring….
    Enjoy your winter travels……


    1. Hi Trevor. That’s uncanny are they working the winter at Tavistock too or escaping to the sun like us. Used the mould remover you suggested – it made it as good as new then fabseal on nearly all of it but they reacted with each other and made it really wet with condensation the next morning on the panels we treated with fabseal. So we let it dry out and packed away. We will treat with Fenwicks awning cleaner in spring and then fabseal it again and hope for the best. Enjoy your winter. See you in the Spring


      1. On the small sections of the awning we have cleaned during the year we have not experienced the bad condensation you describe… After using the cleaner on the inside we then rinsed it all off and let it dry before using fabseal on the outside….as I say on those sections I tested it no problems. I had tested Fenwick’s awning cleaner but it failed to remove the mouldy marks….
        As for the assistants…they have bought a cottage locally and intend to spend the winter renovating it before moving on to Verwood with you guys in the spring.


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