A Trip Down Memory lane




After 2 weeks where we have not gone away we needed to getaway from the site so decided to pop down to Dorset and to visit The Verwood Camping and Caravaning Club Site, Lat 50.8876 Long -1.9033  the place that we did our shadowing weekend before we joined the club and the first expedition out in Catori.


Richard and Angela the site managers had always made us feel extremely welcome and it was exactly the same this time. We instantly agreed to eat out with them and spent a lovely evening exchanging stories catching up on gossip and getting a wealth of knowledge and experience about the club from them. The next day we decided to visit the gorgeous village of Corfe Castle. We visited the castle ramparts and grounds before eating  yummy pasties and ice creams in the sunshine. A visit to stundland bay was an imperative as we used to visit the area regularly when we were courting ( wow that’s an old expression) 30 years ago. Then we braved the naturalist beach with our young firm and trim figures but this time we decided to just have a semi clad hour or so In the sun at the shell beech and I enjoyed the first swim in the sea for at least a year. The car ferry to sandbanks and Bournemouth finished the day with memories of years gone past.
On our virtual Sunday we decided to split the journey back with a stop over at Windsor mainly to try to avoid the guaranteed log jam on the M25 – it failed – but we did enjoy Windsor and the walk down the great park to the front of Windsor castle. A quick beer at the local pub and a return walk back finished the day and the virtual weekend only to end in M25 hell but we suppose that is what is expected when we reside a few hundred yards north of 12 o’clock on the M25! Maybe next year we will have a site away from motorway misery.

2 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory lane”

    1. Yes definitely counting the days . We go to France on 8th November drive to the northern Spanish coast for mid November and then spend 5 weeks taking a leisurely tour of north Spain and Portugal for Christmas in the Algarve. From there south Portugal and southern Spain back up to the southern French coast for march. Maybe a quick month in Italy if time allows.


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