Sizzling in St Neots.

We are in the delightfull riverside site and town of St Neots in Huntingdonshire Lat52.219826 Long -0.274599  (I didn’t even realise there was such a shire) Angie has not seen her cousin,Auntie and Uncle for 15 years and one of the delights of this transient lifestyle we lead is being able to be closer to people that we haven’t seen for a while get in touch to say hello and catch up. We had a greed to meet them for lunch on the Wednesday.
The first bit of catching up however was needed with Andy and Lorraine who were at the site in Verwood where we did our work experience to see if the job would fit us and Vica verca.
We got on we’ll then and have kept in touch via Facebook. They are now the holiday site assistants at St Neots and their Managers Simon and Keith are a great couple of guys who could not have made us more welcome.
The site is stunning as its right on the banks of the the river with pleasure craft and canal boats going past plus loads of waterfowl to keep you fascinated for hours. The facilities are, as always spotlessly clean but now very dated however the site is due for a major refit this winter with new roads and toilet/shower blocks planned so next year it should be amazing In every way.


A riverside path runs through the site and in one direction there is a lock, weir and gorgeous waterside pub ( formerly a mill) in the other St Neots town with more lovely waterside pubs and parks. All of them are less than a mile walk and we partook in a few beverages from both.

Wednesday lunch was spent with the long lost rellies and after a false start at a recommended but not too good pub (no garden for the dogs) we ended up a the Old mill and spent a lovely couple of hours catching up on old times and walking along the canal side path and over the weir and lock. Molly swam at least six times to keep cool. After enough chatting to keep the girls happily ensconced in memory lane Good byes were said along with a vow to not leave it as long next time and we headed back to the site for some sun cheese and biscuits finally retiring indoors at 9pm to watch one of my favourite tv personalities Joanna Lumley extolling the sites and customs of India.


Thursday we wandered into St Neots town centre, the Market and treated ourselves to a second lunch out in as many days. A very hot walk ( with the essential Molly swim) back to the site and Dub meant that a cold Doombar beer for me and G&T over ice for Angie was definitely in order. We needed to pack up and head back later so just the one Beer was allowed but we delight in the little allowances made for fellow assistants i.e no 12pm vacate pitch rule.

Two full days and two nights in stunning weather and on one of The nicest sites we have seen so far on the circuit. Definitely one for a return visit. As for the little drive away awning well it’s not perfect but it does the job. A bugger to saddle up to easily and get the position exactly right but then again things don’t have to be perfect to be good do they!

8 thoughts on “Sizzling in St Neots.”

  1. We met Andy and Lorraine when we stayed at Verwood for 28 days last September…..
    St Neots does sound nice, Anne and I might well stop off there for two or three days when we start to head back down to the Wimborne area…. If you want to see out-dated toilets the ones here in Norwich are straight out of the 1950s. I must say they are the worst we have seen at a c&cc site….Clean but so out of date…

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  2. Yes…The plan is to break our journey to you from Woodhall Spa…I only like short hops 🙂
    Yes we will be making a comment ref the toilets…mind you a number of people already have over the past couple of years….. those comments nearly put us off coming here but we are glad that we did as we are having a good time here……

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  3. Hi Gid and Angie. You must be loving the lifestyle with this fantastic weather we’re having right now. Great to see you enjoying the VW too. The best way to travel IMO. I love reading about your adventures and new found enjoyment of life. Long may it continue.

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    1. Thanks Martin we are loving it even though we are working can’t wait till November when the real fun begins . I’m assuming that you have your shiny new California by now. If so you must come see us at some point. Great to catch up


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