Gorgeous Graffham or otherwise known as “The Marmite site”

Monty Python said “And now for something completely different” and Love it or Loathe it, the camping and Caravaning club site at Graffham Lat 50.96 Long -0.6615 is completely different from any camping, Caravaning, tenting or holiday site I have ever been on and that is a lot.


Personally we loved it. Definitely not for those who like soaking up the sun or who want a manicured plot with perfect grass, raked handstand and top of the range toilet facilities and definitely not easy for pushchair or wheelchair access but it is stunning camping at its most rural. 100 secluded individual plots for anything from a tent to the largest of caravans or motorhome are hidden away in a sun dappled and leaf covered woodland with twisty gravel roads creating a maze like feel surrounding a large wooded roundel hill and it’s easy to get lost. You feel that you have walked out of the site and are in the middle of the woods and up pops another plot with a caravan tucked away in it. Grass is not on the agenda and the peaty sandy soil does get everywhere but you really feel that you are truly camping as you should. The spotlessly clean and slightly dated toilet and shower blocks are warm and inviting despite needing to have a refit.

The Managers Sean and Mandy and the HSA’s were very welcoming and have really added their own touch with funky signs and personality everywhere you look and it’s a site that we will definitely go back to at some point.

We didn’t however just go to visit the site, Angie had always wanted to go to the stunning West Wittering beech if we ever got a V- Dub. Well now we have one so TICK – done. Angie text her previous work friend Karen who also has Wednesday off and she joined us on the grass just back from the sandy beach. On went the BBQ and burgers plus hot dogs were served up pretty pronto. A long windy walk along the sandy beach to work of the calories meant that Molly was able to run around like a banchie and as she loves to swim in the sea she was in her element. Thelate afternoon and evening allowed us to catch up with my Mum and Dad and spent the time educating them on the delights of Take away curry which was one of the best we have had for a while.

Thursday – we decided to pay a quick visit to Petworth which apart from lot and lots of antique shops a few tea rooms didn’t have much to offer unless you wished to visit the house and grounds that we had previously done a few years ago so we decided that one was enough and we made a leisurely return to Theobalds.


One thought on “Gorgeous Graffham or otherwise known as “The Marmite site””

  1. I told you that it was a nice site…I thought that you would like it…. I have had many nights camping there usually in a small backpacking tent and I’ve always enjoyed my stays…


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