Canterbury Tales


SATURDAY (sorry Wednesday. I keep forgetting that Wednesday is now our Saturday and Thursday is our Sunday)


After a 1.5 hour drive we are now in Canterbury. A historical city famed for pilgrimage for over 900 years and of course the centre piece of Chaucer’s collection of 24 stories written between 1387 and 1400. The camping an Caravanning site is a cracker of a site Lat 51.277 Long 1.1128


with two toilet blocks 9 staff and is set over a number of separate fields and grassy enclaves separated by mature hedges and trees and is only a 1 mile downhill walk to the city centre which we decided to do today as the weather looked a bit drab.

Apart from the obvious draw of the Cathedral which (at £36 for the two of us to visit and with limitations due to Molly being with us) we decided to ignore but there is a wealth of history and bundles of interesting buildings lining the now predestined centre. I took a few snaps mindful that I did not want to replicate the Chinese tourists that constantly get in the way and photograph anything and everything.

All the big shopping names are here as well as a myriad of smaller independent and one off shops and boutiques making this city a shoppers and sight seers delight. It certainly was throbbing for a Wednesday afternoon.
We found a suitable watering hole ‘The Millers Arms’ and I enjoyed a pint of local Kent ale and there was a tonic water for Angie who was feeling especially abstinent. We had a sandwich and chips each.
A short walk along the crystal clear river with near Florissant green under water plants. Punts full of Chinese blissfully not understanding a word that the punter punting was saying glided quietly on the surface.


It took us to the commercial heart of Canterbury and after wandering the pretty allies and cobbled streets and still slightly disappointed that the exorbitant charge to just go in the grounds of the cathedral had precluded that part of our pilgrimage we decided to walk back (uphill all the way now!) to the site which turned out to not be as strenuous or arduous as we were expecting and certainly a lot easier than those of the historical pilgrims that walked hundreds of miles bare foot to show their devotion to everything Holly. Our devotion (or lack of it) stoped at a two mile return walk and 32 quid.
The sun was out on our return and we felt that we had thoroughly earnt a drink so with Beer and Gin to the ready I sit here happily in the sun tapping away before we decide what to eat this evening.
option 1 BBQ
option 2 Cheese and biscuits
option 3 The Tipsy option, More Beer and some peanuts!


As for the V-dub well after the last trip away we realised that Micro living in a camper had its issues – namely that everything you need is in the cupboards that you can’t get to when you are in bed. Answer a bit of Gids DIY and the roller wardrobe now has four shelves in it and a central divider so all the clothes are not just piled on top of each other but semi organised and the kitchen area has had as a stainless steel organiser added so everything is close to hand perfect for the early morning cuppa and in my opinion I think it looks pretty dam good too – and it doesn’t even rattle on the road we have even swapped the telly for the better one in the Autotrail so some quality  viewing is in order for later.


Now what to do tomorrow?

Sunday (Thursday)

We decided to “go find the sea” and ended up heading to a Whitstable a beach side fishing port just north of Hearn Bay.  A walk along the promenade looking at the beech huts and taking in an ice cream abateing our longing to head to the sea. After this short tonic we headed back to Theobalds for another week.


5 thoughts on “Canterbury Tales”

  1. Canterbury is a very interesting place to visit…. The last time I visited I walked from Farnham to Canterbury on my own little lightweight backpacking pilgrimage and had good weather the whole way….
    Glad to see that you are getting use out of the Dub and enjoying yourselves….
    The two Assts that were at Tavistock over the winter moved to Canterbury site for the summer season… I can’t believe that I’ve forgotton their name.. I think it was Steve & ?… They had a Lunar caravan and a silver 4×4… Give them a hello from us if they are still there….

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