Scorching Cambridge ~Beer festival

Our first trip away in the V-Dub takes us to Cambridge and the camping and Caravaning club site that is just a short cycle ride from the centre Lat 52.16459 Long 0.12334  We are catching up with Jim and Judy who we worked with for a few weeks in January and who we clicked with immediately.


They are holiday site assistants here and Steve and Dawn who interviewed us are their managers. We started with no real plans but Jim (who loves a drink) was off to the beer festival and it would have been “rude” to not go with him wouldn’t it? Unfortunately my partaking of the beer was severely restricted due to the drunken evening before with them where we sat outside their van and exchanged stories until after midnight with a whiskey bottle far to close to hand. . (How we walked the 20 meters to the dub and managed to get the rock and roll bed down and the bedding on it I do not know.)


Cambridge is a lovely city and we saw most of its historic colleges in glorious sunshine on foot thanks to Jim’s excellent directions (NOT) on how to join him at the festival. Google maps to the rescue and we finally joined him in the last two hours of the afternoon event. Angie and Judy wanted to partake of the GIN and real ale festival in a nearby pub. I was parched and still nursing a hangover that had been brought back to life by the last pint of real ale earlier so I awkwardly asked for a cold lager ( we were amongst the hardened real ale folks who had converged on the same pub to while away the two hour gap before the evening festival started) the barman said “lager?” three times and the pub fell quiet. We found a table, sat and had a shouted conversion over the hubub of the place for an hour or so. To finish the day – another pub on route home, two ciders over ice and a pizza for me wine and soda and burger for Angie.

Yesterday was a more gentle affair with a walk to Grantchester for a cold larger shandy and lunch in a beer garden followed by a lovely wander along the Granchester meadows and river and walk back. We really know how mix it up. A fair well BBQ was cooked by Jim and Judy and at 7.30 we headed back to Theobalds Arrington back just before 9pm. All in all a very relaxing sunny and enjoyable break. We look forward to the next where we will be even more organised. No where shall we go?

2 thoughts on “Scorching Cambridge ~Beer festival”

  1. Glad you enjoyed your first venture out in the Dub…I assume you managed to sort the gas check for the insurance…
    We have now been at Chipping Norton for almost a week but when we leave here we will be going to Cambridge too for a 14 day stay…. Perhaps you can arrange for us to have a similar evening drinking session Ha…ha…..


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