Angie & Gids get trendy?

After a four hour drive to Leeds yesterday and an even longer return trip back we have finally added a ‘v-dubber’ to our fleet of life enhancing motors.


We were happy that if it was not right, to turn tail and return back to Theobalds empty handed but the pictures on the web and the conversation with Steve over the phone paid off and we have landed ourselves a beauty.

Here she is …

Far to trendy for a pair of old gits like us I’m sure.

She now sits adjacent to our compound awaiting our first days off next Wednesday and Thursday and we have yet to decide where to take her on her maiden weekend away ( we call Wednesday and Thursday our weekends). Anywhere within a few hours drive is on the possibility list and because of our location just north of London that includes a lot of central and southern England.

The trip back from Leeds was wet but uneventful until 20 miles from Theobalds when I fiddled with the windscreen wipers only to find that they just stopped working. This wasn’t very handy on the A10 with it chucking it down. Hazards on and after 5 mins poking and prodding around in the fuses, and fearing being rear ended at speed from a truck we  slowly made our way to a quieter commercial park and tested all of the fuses. Each of them was not blown. We considered waiting for the rain to stop and sleep there the night – it is a fully functional camper van after all but no loo on board and no food or sleeping bags. Not the best way to spend our first night in the van. We could leave it there and come back the next morning, but I was only driving on a third party insurance basis as the number plate needs to be changed and I was not going to risk our new purchase being stollen, so we had no other option than to pay the hugely inflated RAC premium and get a call out.

I dispatched Angie off home in the smart car saying there was no need for both of us to wait and I would follow. Two hours later the RAC man turned up to check all the fuses and agreed that they were all ok. He then checked them again with his multi meter before organising a tow only to find that there was a fault with one of them – Bingo wipers work. £145 for a fuse – not the cheapest fuse I have ever purchased.

I got home 10 minutes after Angie whos sat nav had chosen a different route and got stuck in the traffic jam from hell.

Apart from that the dub is a gem. Totally loved inside and out buy the previous owner who had a “no expense spared” attitude and who did the conversion himself over seven months with great skill and attention to detail adding extras rarely found on a standard conversion or indeed some of the factory built models. Solar panels, two leisure batteries, 60 ltr on board water tank 45 ltr on board waste water tank, lights every where, fridge, cooker, sink, heating, T.V, dab radio, Audi head lights, 20″ Range Rover alloys, air con, cruse control the list goes on. He was really sad to see it go and we were really glad to relieve him of it. Wipers aside she is a stunner.

All three of our motors now provide an extra quality to our existence, Catori the Autotrail for the life and long distance travels she alows us to do. The smart car for the ability to pop in & out any where and we tow her behind us wherever we go,and now the v-dub for giving us U.K adventures whilst we are working and a sence of weekends away. The dub also provides transit van like transportation at the end and beginning of our work seasons for us to get all our “stuff” to and from our work location and storage garage.

We wouldnt do without any of them now – oh and they all colour match (silver black and white) as if it was planned which it definitely was not.

Just need to get some chattels and sleeping bags and we are itchy to ‘go explore’.

6 thoughts on “Angie & Gids get trendy?”

  1. My son in law was interested in seeing the pictures of your Dub…
    I think I mentioned to you that he has a business converting campervans…… His comment “Cool machine”……..
    Both him and my daughter are V-Dub fanatics attending all sorts of rallies

    (On a different subject you haven’t pressed the right button yet it’s the one near the top of the page top right)


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