Carefree at Carefree

We are back to what we now consider to be our ‘go to home’ namely Carefree Nursery. It is so relaxed here and Frank and his daughter Kay who helps him out are lovely hosts.




We are here until 24th and then off to our work placement for the summer which we are really looking forward to. With that in mind we have been able to test out and add our extension to the motorhome and put it up in the relative privacy of a five van site rather than in full view of a full campsite plus our work colleagues.

No planning permission needed, no Building regulations, just a pump, a mallet and an hour or two later we have more than doubled the size of our living space. Everything suddenly felt more ‘Holiday like’ as it brought back memories of our Caravaning holidays when Ryan was young and the awning that we always put up. A bit of tweaking (as the first time we couldn’t fully open the door back on to its retaining clip) moving it a foot or so forward, and now fully pegged it is soooo relaxing to sit in even when it’s cold outside. Designed for a caravan and not a motorhome we did a lot of checking it out before we took the plunge but are so glad we went BIG (and at 8M long by  3M deep it’s as big as they come) although we didn’t consider the placements of the roof poles so we’re lucky that it worked out right. It even totally unintentionally colour matches the Motorhome and the Smart car.

The aim is to effectively live in the awning throughout the Spring Summer and early Autumn creating a kitchen area in one end, a dining area in the middle and a sitting and T.V watching area at the other end. Our oil filled radiator and electric fan heater will keep us snug towards the end of the season if it turns chilly . We have yet to buy some flat packed rattan seating that we can take it apart again to store in our garage over the winter. We hope that the awning living  will reduce the wear and tear on the motorhome and being able to cook outside will more or less eliminate condensation.

When we met Trevor he took a nice photo of Angie and I outside the Motorhome and smart car. It’s the first photo we have had taken with both of us together and we love it. Thanks Trevor.


3 thoughts on “Carefree at Carefree”

  1. Pleased that you liked the picture Gids…..

    The motorhome ‘extension’ looks great and as you say no red tape before you erect it… just part of the pleasure of our alternative lifestyle.

    As our new summer awning is the same make and similar design as yours but only half the size and based on the speed that yours went up, ours should go up in 10/15 mins Ha..ha…


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