Long Time – No See

We are in Tavistock mainly to catch up with a long lost friend.


It’s been 14 years since we last met and a lot of water has passed under the bridge for both of us but it has been a fantastic reunion with my old walking buddy Trevor and quite amazing that we are both naturally drawn to living in a motorhome/ caravan and enjoying the life outdoors.


Although Trev has been retired for 8 years he has kept himself  massively busy with charity fund raising and lots of long distance walks and in the more recent years has re found his love for cycling and accomplished some inspiring ( frightening for the non-cyclists among us) long distance cycling challenges. He also has a blog


He is now living life to the full and loving it in what he calls his pint size hobbit van ‘Eva’ the Eriba.

Trevor and Ann’s iconic pint size Eriba which they absolutely love.

It just goes to show that one size doesn’t fit all and no matter your preference or how you want to do it, just find something you like and think you will feel comfortable with and it will work for you then go for it.

An evening with a few beers on Wednesday and a lovely walk with Trevor to a col in the Dartmore National Park plus an evening with a Chinese take away and we are sort of up to speed with each other’s life events. Trev has vowed to return the journey and come to see us at Theobalds Park when we are working and I’m sure that now we have made contact again we will be following each other a little more closely than in the past 14 years but that wouldn’t be hard would it.

Tomorrow we head for ‘home’; a funny expression that as ‘home’ is where we park it but no matter how far we travel and the fact that we don’t actually own a house anymore, carefree nursery at Titchfield feels like home now and it’s still close to family and friends.

The weekend will see us hopefully add our extension to the van and after 2 weeks of catching up with friends and a few Cuban salsa evenings for me it will up to Theobalds for SEVEN MONTHS!

2 thoughts on “Long Time – No See”

  1. Lovely following your travels Gideon. We are yet to go out in ours and are tentatively decking it out. What and where is the carefree nursery at Titchfield?


  2. Carefree is a lovely certificated five van site with views over the Solent to the Isle of Wight . It’s run by Frank and his daughter Kay and is very quiet and relaxing but with no facilities such as toilets showers etc. You have to be a member of the caravan club ( now renamed the caravan and motorhome club) to come here and it’s in their sites book. Hope you enjoy your first trip away wherever it may be.


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