Our new job!

7th January 2017

Well it’s more of a  ‘bimble about’ rather than a job or that’s what it feels like so far. We are sure it will get a whole lot busier but there is no pressure and it is very relaxed so far. The team here are nice and seem to get on well. Today we were run through the workings of the three different petrol mowers the petrol strimmers and hedge cutters, leaf blowers and the tractor. Angie loved the tractor and took to it like a duck to water rather unexpectedly. I too enjoyed the fun of driving it and cant wait until we use it for a full days work shunting and Manoeuvring vans about and cutting grass. The other power tools look fun too a proper boys toys job. The office work seems easy and even the computer system appears to be logical once we know what buttons to press. For the first month a 33 hour week is strictly enforced and this will increase to 40 hours in the peak season. Our biggest concern is what do we do with our free time as there seems to be a lot of it at the moment and even in peak time this will still only be 8 hours a day for 5 days.I have never worked only 40 hours. There is no travel time either to eat into our time.

SUNRISE ON THE SITE – One advantage of the early shift

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Shift patterns start with earlies at 7am  and go through till lates finishing at 8pm but most of the time is spent bumbling about chatting to the holiday makers with a list of things to do on the site gradually being worked through when the time allows. The only regular daily activity involves cleaning the shower / toilet washing up block and laundry room. Although it sounds unpleasant it actually is no issue whatsoever and there is very little unpleasantness to it at all.

Tomorrow is our first full day without the manager on site and it’s just us and the other assistant. We will be left to our own devices to get on with what we want to do on the to do list.

We have just over three weeks here to learn everything (or as much as we can) as when we return we will be the most experienced assistants on the site as we have been told that the other three assistants will be newbies as we are presently. Talk about the blind leading the blind!


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