Job Done!

Tuesday 14th February 2017

Well we have completed our month at Theobalds Park and really enjoyed it despite the cold and the muddy grass the ice and sometimes snow. It was a relaxed way of earning a living and a fantastic taster of what is to come. We now sit at Titchfield Carefree nurseries.

We have about two months to kill before we start in earnest and in the better weather – we hope! We envisage long free afternoons relaxing in the sun with a BBQ after competition of an early shift or lazy mornings with breakfast al fresco before commencing the late shift. 2 Days off each week to explore the delights of London in the summer and 40 hours of work each week for seven months to pay for it.

Between now and then we have a few housekeeping duties to perform.

No 1 – Help our son Ryan settle into his new home. We forced his hand when we decided to do our life change and he accepted the change initially begrudgingly, then happily when he realised the freedom that it gave him. This was followed by a little resentment when the full realisation hit of the cost of living and that it did not feel like home. Later, worry when he was given notice to vacate by the head tenant and then excitement when he realised that he could rent the whole property as the head tenant and make it his own, sub letting the other room. The first week involved renting a van and collecting home making furniture and Chattels from friends family and from our storage garage and setting him up. It looks homely now and he is surrounded by familiar furniture. He finally feels that he is home at last. We also took the opportunity to take all of garden furniture fridge and other homley things up to London in readiness for the season.

No 2 on the list- buy an awning to attach to the motorhome. We always expected to have to buy one but the month working re-enforced it massively. Muddy boots and cream carpets do not go together and there is a huge need for outside space and a covered area to chill relax and cook.
Hours of internet searching identified only one real possible and it is a bit smaller than we wanted 3m wide and 4m long but with the additional annex to provide a cooking area and space for the additional fridge and cooking hob, it should fit our round table and 4 chairs a small sofa and table for an outside telly. A bit of carpeting, lighting and a heater and it should be a great and cozy addition to our already cozy van. The chosen one also is an inflatable one that goes up in 5 mins so could come with us when we tour.

A trip to the NEC in Birmingham for the motorhome caravan and camping show is now firmly on the cards on the 22nd February and we have booked into the club site in Birmingham for 4 nights as a base. After that 8 days in the Cotswolds in a Caravaning club site -(the opposition we know, but cheaper than the camping and Caravaning club and always great sites) then on to Devises for 8 nights and then back to what feels like our new home where we are at the moment Carefree Nurseries until we head back to Theobalds again for the spring and summer.

Other things on the to do list- Dentist annual check up, Molly annual vaccination, meet up with friends and family – we struggle to have a day to ourselves before we head off agin – nice really! Gids to Catch up with the salsa gang and get his “hit” of Cuban

Our only disappointment is that we had to leave the amazing weather in Spain. At least it gave us the opportunity to help our son and prepare for the summer season.

So far would we change ANYTHING …. Nope!

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