A week on!

14th  January 2017



We have been doing this campsite assistant thing now for 1 week and a day and so far it is a doddle. No pressure and NO targets and it is a job where you just potter around.

So what does it entail? Well the early shift is:-

7am quick check of the toilet and shower block to make sure there are loo rolls ‘a plenty’ and that it’s all clean and presentable. A wander around the park to check all is in order (I take Molly with me) and back in the van for about 7.15. Open the office at 9am and power up the computer then put the kettle on. At about 9.30 do a bit of work which mainly involves moving caravans around and then 10.30 – tea break. 11am clean the toilet and shower blocks till 12.30. Handover and update the late shift what is needed over a cup of tea and biscuits then  Lunch at 1pm till 2pm. Work from 2 till 4pm which is a bit of mowing in the summer but at the moment just doing some edging and soon to start a bit of painting. 4pm finish.

late shift is :- Start at 12.30 with a hand over from the early shift then 1pm – 5pm office work and seeing vans to pitches, grass cutting etc with a break 3-3.30 for tea. At 5 pm the office closes and you return to your van but you remain “on duty” until 8pm or late arrivals and any urgent enquiry. So far it seems to be in the van with a buzzer in case you are needed. 8 pm off duty although a toilet and shower block check around 10.30- 11pm Done!

Evening sunset over the Old Oak Tree



A large part of the job is just chatting and being nice to the campers. We are enjoying the “job” so much we actually don’t look forward to our days off and that is with it feeling like a commercial site at the moment with rain, snow, cold and boggy muddy ground. Think how we will feel with the warmth of the summer sun on our backs with our own enclosed pitch with an awning and nice firm green grass and a holiday feel about the place. We can’t wait.

Today consisted of a 6k run, back for a shower and a full English breakfast / brunch then a bit of washing and then on to the cinema ( first time for us since Avitar was on) back home for some Paella and then 3 hours of Cuban salsa for me . In at 11pm ready for the 7am start tomorrow. Not too shabby for a day off.



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