Christmas boxed up and ready to go.

Last night we invited Rob and Lesley over for a beer, we had bumped into them earlier in the week and they are a nice couple who are spending their first Christmas away from family as we are. They have a twin axle caravan and a Range Rover the perfect combo for towing but not for us as we like the freedom that a motorhome gives.They have been here for a few weeks and are not intending to return to England until April. We had a few beers outside ours until it turned chilly and then came inside. After a few more drinks an impromptu spag Bol was rustled up. A few more drinks and then a couple bottles of wine were emptied. Out came the port and some other liquor and then the whisky and it then all got a bit blurry after that. They made their leave a little later and we somehow managed to stumble into bed.Thank heavens we opted for a van with a fixed bed.

I was expecting a mahoosive hangover today but all was good. Result!

We had to get Molly U.K legal today so drove into Benicarlo and was able to park right outside the vet. So different from Claremont Ferrand on our last trip where we had to waste a day due to the parking restrictions of a 30 ft motorhome.

15 minutes later and she was all signed off and ready to become a UK resident once more. We decided to wander round the market and get some more euros from the local Santander branch as there is no charge for withdrawing euros for us. After realising that we didn’t need to buy anything we decided to go back to the car. Easier said than done as all of the streets look the same and the long straight allies and right angle cross sections got us totally lost. We spent ages wandering round trying to find Sunny the smart car. Eventually found, we thought we would give Molly a decent walk along the beech as she was so good in the vets.

Peniscola beech is a long wide sandy beech and as it is winter we were allowed to Molly walk it. Off with the lead and she becomes a dog possessed. We took our shoes off and I took off my T’ shirt and we walked barefoot through the waves with the sun on our faces. It felt like a UK summers day only sunny! Molly stole a young girls sock and we had to quickly rescue and return it. They did not seem to mind and thought it funny. After a while we turned back up the beech and made our way back to Benicarlo for a paella. A beer a glass of wine two large plates of paella and two deserts for €10 not bad eh!

The site was putting on some live 60’s and 70’s music – basically and old bloke who couldn’t sing very well massacring some brilliant tunes, but the sun was out and we had nothing much else to do, so we sat and listened and chatted to a few more of the site residents. Enough was enough and we had some packing up to do so we went back to the van and took down the Christmas decorations starting to get ready to leave tomorrow.

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