Boxing (less booze) Day- perhaps!

Well yesterday was a lovely day but full of booze sun and no exercise so as a result  I was falling asleep by 8pm and to make it worse the British tv here is an hour later than the uk so all the good things to watch are much nearer our bed time and the watershed  has become the bed shed with me and sometime both of us being fasto before the must watch program comes on. We decided therefore that today we would get out and about in Sunny the smart car and also have a walk. We drove through Peniscola and out the other side through some urbanisations and eventually ran out of mettled road. There was a cycle path and gravel track to the top of the mountain and Normally this would be a must do thing but we were not really dressed or equipped to take it on. We decided to go for a short walk to let Molly have some off lead time and after about half a mile turned round and headed back to the car. The road here was a twisty coastal road but excellent quality and on the way back we enjoyed some superb views of Peniscola from the other direction.

We stopped at a pull in and heard a distant band playing from the castle so decided to go see what was happening. Parking Sunny is dead easy, find any spot, stick her in,-  done. As we got out the band was processing from the castle followed by Mary loseph three wise men shepherds and umpteen angles . No soon as they had come back through the gates and it was all over. Proud mums and dads hugging their little angles- literally – and then everything was packed up and off they went into cars. We realised that we had just caught the end of a nativity play off sorts that must have been re-enacted outside of the nativity scene we saw the other day.

We decided to walk along Peniscola beech and promenade and Molly was once again allowed some off the lead time which she loved racing in and out of the sea.

A short drive back to the camp site and a little outside beer takes us up to 5pm

We now just need to cook the veg to go with the cold meats and mash pickles and Branson pickle .A nice bottle of red, port and some single malt or two and let’s see if I can make it past 8 pm tonight.

Tomorrow we will try to get Molly checked and passport friendly before thinking of turning away from the sun and heading to the cold. As they say in the game of thrones “winter is coming” for those none-game of thrones fans sorry!  but go get yourself the box set or borrow it from someone -trust me you will not regret a moment of it.


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