Christmas Eve

My New Year resolution last year was to try to live life a little more and stress a little less. Little did we know then that this Christmas we would be sitting in the sun on the Mediterranean and how much of that would come true.

The most unusual Christmas Eve we can remember, usually they are so full of last minute shopping, prepping the veg getting ready for tomorrow and plans to visit or be visited often wrapping the last few pressies. This year a leisurely cooked breakfast was followed by a sunny walk into town along the beech in shorts and T shirts. We brought a couple of baguettes and filled up a litre bottle with the Juce of umpteen oranges from the local market and wandered back to the van. Out came the chairs and the beer for me and sangria for Angie. A few hours were spent soaking up the sun and chatting to the many like minded neighbors we have here all of which have stories of adventure to tell some of whose have been doing this for nearly 20 years, some like us have only just started. Some still have homes but only go home for a month or two each year and leave them moth balled. Some live here permanently and others like us have seasonal jobs to return to (It feels nice to be able to say that at last). One thing is for certain they are an interesting crowd from a wide mix of backgrounds, we are probably one of the youngest here but that is probably because of the nature of the site and our nervousness in wild camping or going on aires for the Christmas period in Spain to start with. Perhaps next year we may be a bit braver and experience some of the huge Christmas and New Year pop up camping communities that we have been told about.

We are not sure if it feels Christmassy or not, perhaps we should comment on that in a few days, but we are trying our best by listening to Christmas songs from the i pad via the vans sound system and watching English tv – Michael Mackintyres Christmas show was great as was Last Vegas.

Tomorrow we have prawn and avocado starter, followed by beef wellington, roast potatoes and veg and then passion fruit cheesecake and enough wine and spirits to sink an army.

Its 12.57 here so 11.57 uk time so will be officially Christmas Day for folks in a minute or two.

Happy Christmas every one


2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve”

  1. Sounds wonderful Gideon and very inspiring for us as we have yet to use ours it’s only a couple of weeks old. Best wishes. Chrissie and paul x


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