Christmas Day

Late night last night and a late morning. Breakfast of scrambled egg, sausage, mushrooms, tomato and orange juce. A walk along the beech and a paddle in the Mediterranean before returning back to the van to sit in the sun trying to feel it was Christmas Day.

A few G&T’s, sherry, and Christmas tunes did the trick and we set the table having already decided that we would not join in with the Christmas dinner event being organised by the site. At £90 for the two of us plus drinks we felt we could do better for a fraction of the cost. We think we succeeded.

We FaceTimed our son Ryan who was at Debs (Angie’s sister) who has been amazing including him in her family Christmas and putting him up for the night too and did a round the room video call with everyone who seemed to be having a great time and this was lovely to see and made us miss home a little less.

The advantage of traveling around France previously was that we could stock up on some superb wines at super low prices. We saved an extra special  one for today and dug it out.

We had port and a fab black Forrest gateau liquor from M&S so everything we needed for a boozey afternoon.

We found out that the prawns we purchased were not already cooked (by eating one) and had to quickly cook them and decided to flambé them in brandy. We set the table and as the sun moved slowly away from our pitch we pulled it all together and had a superb Christmas dinner of Beef Wellington and Angie’s famous crunch roast potatoes. Space limited living does not mean that we have to give up on our favourite food.

A traditional Christmas Day afternoon followed by watching British T.V with a port in one hand and nibbles in the other. Luvly jubley!

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