The summer returns.

Its the eve of Christmas Eve and 10.30 am. Angie is just getting showered and then we are off into town to get our last minute things for the next three days and to stock up on all of the cheep stuff that would cost so much more in the uk, for example a really smooth bottle of red which we were told about and purchased very sceptically expecting it to be gut rot material and were really surprised on how good it was. Yes we have had better but it is supremely drinkable and at only 90p a bottle! Likewise very smooth and drinkable 5% larger at 28p per can which I prefer over Amstel, esterelle & Peronni  and Gin at £4.50 a bottle. We are not sure if the van will take the weight of it all but we are going to give it a go after all we will have 10 months before we can return.

Presently I’m sitting on full sunshine outside Tshirt off and just in shorts and flip flops updating the blog and its bloomin hot. Unfortunately we will not be able to maximise on the weather due to our imminent return to the uk so we are trying to make the most of it. We did so yesterday too by to putting the roof of Sunny the smart car fully down and cruising the coastal roads, then walking along the lovely promenade of the adjacent town of Vinaros in just shorts and t shirts and Angie was in a summer jean dress. We were loving the warmth of the sun and sat outside and ate tapas on the beech front. The locals who predominantly seem to think it is minus one here and are dress accordingly in winter puffer jackets hats jumpers and scarfs looked on in disbelief. There doesn’t seem to be the the same etiquette here about not staring at people as despite having a “stare out”  at 50 paces it was us that finally broke it off. They must think we are crazy English braving the cold in the search of a short lived tan but in reality we could not imagine wearing much more than we were.

A lovely afternoon visiting the beech and small coves that dot the area but not for a swim yet although the surf looks great and I may venture out on the body board (suitably dressed in a wet suit) if it looks as good this afternoon or tomorrow which is Christmas Eve -how weird would that be.

For now a quick shop and stock up. The next planned event is Mollys pet passport which we try to get done locally rather than have to worry about finding a vet en-route  and then think about heading off towards the cold at sometime between 27th and New Year’s Eve. Ferry booked 8.30 am  4th January start work 5th.

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