El Gid?





For those those of you old enough to remember the film El CID we are here at peniscolla

For the film the houses were draped in sheets to make them look like rocks and the beach was slightly more sandy rather than flooded by huge waves but never the less El Gid has returned.

The Sun was out today so we returned to the castle that we visited in the pouring rain in Sunny the smart car two days ago. Then we drove up the narrow cobbles streets to the summit of the castle not knowing that we were not allowed to. This time we decided to walk the historic ruin and town because the sun was out. We don’t think we could have chosen a better day as huge waves were crashing against the ancient rockey outcrop and a fault in the rock produced an amazing water spout in what appeared to be a beer garden. One moment totally dry and then the next a hissing sound and a whoosh of air followed by a water spout that must have been 20ft high came thundering through a hole drenching the patio and anyone in its way. Truly an amazing sight especially bearing in mind that we were already 60ft up from sea level. The huge waves were funnelled into a small inlet and then powered up through the rock  to create the massive spectacle every few moments. To see the video of this -jump onto my Facebook and have a look.

We returned home and had lunch in the sunshine. We decided to walk Molly again and went down to the seafront only to find that it had been destroyed by the massive waves. The beach either washed away on shoved onto the road including concrete benches ripped out of their anchorage and thrown on to the road.

The weather is due to continue to improve which is fab and we do our best to soak up the sun but it is also sad that we have to return to the uk early but we look forward to getting back to work again and starting our new job.


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