Job offer & Back we come!


img_0306Having just settled in and not even had the time to enjoy some sun yet we find ourselves planning our return trip back to the U.K three months earlier than expected.

We received an e-mail today offering us a Four week contract with the camping and Caravaning Club from 5th January and if we were able to take it then we would also be given the summer contract from 1st April on the same site. The site is one of the ones we had put down on our wish list (not that we get a choice in the first few years) and it’s also just north of London so not too far either.

So a bit of scratching of heads and we have decided to turn tail and head back North and back to Blighty. As if on a huge Bungee we can’t seem to escape the uk for any length of time.

It is however a great opportunity and one that we did not want to give up by not giving up our 3 months away. Spain France Italy and everywhere else will still be here next year and for many years to come but the great job offer may not….. so it’s back we come.

We still have 10 days to play with before we need to think about packing up and heading home and the sun is due to make an appearance tomorrow. Stocking up on the ridiculously cheap wine and gin will be on the agenda as well as soaking up some rays if we get time. We had to move pitch on the 30th December so that makes a sensible date to pack up and go and will give us five days to transverse Spain and France once again back to the ferry or train (yet to be investigated)

We will be sad to not be able to visit some of the friends we had hoped to but we are sure they will understand.


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