Sunny Delights


Wednesday 14th December 2016

186 Miles today (597 total) and now at our last Aire in France at Oloron Ste Marie GPS n43,18399 w0,60854 in the high pyranies before going over the top and through the mountain to Spain.


The Aire is nice – free again with free water and right next to a crystal clear mountain river.

Having un-hitched Sunny to make getting into the Aire easier we decided to wiz back to the E’leclerc that we saw advertisements for on the way in to top up with cheep wine while we can. We popped into the Lindt factory outlet and acquired my favourite red chocolate balls for Christmas. A bit further down the road like two excited children who have just spotted Father Christmas we shouted Lidl as we both saw the blue and yellow signage of the king of value stores. We knew exactly what wine we wanted if they had if and they did not disappoint 3 boxes of our favourite Bordeaux and the matching bottle to decant it into purchased we then headed home only to divert into the centre vill as there seemed to be a Christmas fair on and a myriad of twinkling lights drew us in. We wizzed around the small streets and had a quick look at the historical centre and river with its bridges and high perched houses mainly because we can now we have the little car. We realise that Sunny will be able to give us the freedom to explore and go anywhere that we did not have when we came to France without her. The Christmas market was just a selection of art and craft stalls but it was very pretty.


We just hope that the Spanish police allow us to tow her without interference.

What is it with France by the way? We know they are supposed to be the masters of passion and love but do all of their trees have to loaded with mistletoe? It literally EVERYWHERE!


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