Hola Espania


Thursday 15th December 2016

143 miles today (740 miles in total). Some amazing scenery driving up through the French pyrenees with their scattering of snow and stunning mountain vistas through the 8 Kilometre tunnel du Somport and then out the other side in Spain.

What were our initial thoughts about Spain, well in all honesty we could not believe the quality of the roads as soon as we emerged from the tunnel. The French roads are so much better than the U.K but Spain takes it to another level and despite the country apparently being broke with the euro crisis and under huge austerity they are still building roads as if their whole existence depended upon it ! A huge new motorway is under construction slicing through mountain and spanning huge valleys yet the 3 and 4 lane beautifully Tarmacked road that we were on was near deserted. For the life of us we can not see why it would be needed unless the summer traffic is vastly different from now. As for the drivers well we are back to the British haste to be where they are going as soon as possible but with scant regard for their or other road users safety. No one ever lets you in or out and if they see you indicating to move into a space in another lane they will speed up to make sure that you do not. Gone are the pleasant laid back driving attitude of 95% of French drivers.
Diesel is between 0.84 and 0.99 a litre so we have filled Catori to the brim and will do so again before we leave in March. We are now in a deserted car park just outside Zaragoza listening to salsa, merengue, bachata and kizomba on the local radio station. We feel a little nervous here so will not go into Zaragoza as we had planned and instead update the blog catch up on e-mails and ring a few people.



Regarding the police and the tow car, well so far we have passed a few and no one has showed any interest except numerous Spanish drivers who just keep staring at the van car combo.

We have now booked the campsite from tomorrow Friday 16th a day earlier and it will be nice to put down roots and explore for a while.

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