Getting organised – whatever next!

Tuesday 13th December 2016

204 miles today (411 total) and we are now in Montguyon  just north of Bordeaux in another free Aire – GPS n45,21796 w0,18368 all on our own and it’s a realy nice site and with free water too. Despite a sign saying no camping cars over 7 m allowed and a very deep slope with a huge camber from the road we got in OK we just took it at 45 degrees and slowly only scraping the exhaust on the road. It is Situated in the car park of a community centre and with a lovely view over a ruined chateaux.


Georgious sunset too.

Another un eventful day driving on mainly motorway and good duel carriage way all toll free. Booked the Spanish site for the Christmas period today and we will be spending about three weeks relaxIng hopefully in the sun for the first Christmas ever. Sun was about today and we were able to just wear t shirts for a while, perhaps this is the prelude to better things ahead. Tomorrow we head for our last French Aire before going over to Spain on Thursday through what is apparently a stunning tunnel.

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