Bing Bong – Wakey wakey!

Monday 12th December 2016


With the clocks an hour ahead in France we decided to pitch up for the night somewhere local to the Port. There was an Aire within 1.5 k of the ferry terminal in a village called Ouistreham GPS n49,28716 w0,24968 It was really foggy when we arrived and dark being 8.30 UK time, 9.30 French. Margret the sat nav guided us to the selected aire 1.5 k away and after taking Molly for a quick walk as she had been in the Motorhome for the entire journey we settled down for the night, planned where to head to today and then got some kip.
Since starting this life we have had unusual sleep patterns often being awake very early or in the middle of the night and nearly always beating the alarm to wake.This aire has its own alarm clock in the form of the Brittany Ferries tannoy and the huge prop propellers used to get the ferry dockside. 6.30 Bang on time – BING BONG! a series of messages in both languages and then a hive of whirling, bashing, banging, more announcements and unloading commenced. The 6.30 from Portsmouth had definitely arrived. Looking out from Catori on this now clear morning the ferry is about 250 yards away and we had not realised that the 1.5k was a circular route back to the ferry port. Just as well we were awake then.

207 miles traveling today and at 4.45 pm arrived in a free Aire at Mouzilon GPS n47,13944 w1,28194 ( they must have moved it up the road and on the other side or the GPS is slightly wrong ) which is just south of Nantes 207 miles all of which un-eventful and un-interesting but a good run down from Caen. Motorway or duel carriageway all the way so easy driving but mostly through fog and mist but a good bedding in period for towing Sunny also uneventful but I must remember she is on the back. Worked out by trial and error and error and error and error again that reversing a 6 ft smart car attached to a 30ft tag axel motorhome is nigh on impossible and that is coming from the man that used to boast that he could reverse a caravan in to any spot big enough to take it. So when it comes to needing to do a bit of backwards movement it will need to be a quick in hook and re-couple.


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