All settled in and ready for the big Ho-Ho-Ho!

Friday 16th December 2016


145 miles today 885 in total and when Margret told us how long that distance would take we could not understand why it was going to take 4 hours. The road to start with was amazing and when we joined the national road and Margret advised that we needed to take the second exit at the next roundabout in 168 kilometres we thought how easy the drive will be. Um no! The road soon became single carageway, no problem then a bit hilly, no issue, then foggy, challenging but all in a days drive but when it turned into a mountain pass it became a bit more challenging and when it decided to go down into a valley and up the other side in a series of narrow single carriageway harepin bends with heavy lorries coming in the other direction I became very quiet and prayed that I did not meet one of the aforementioned lorries on one of the aforementioned bends – I did not, luckily. It got better after that and the pass down from the mountain was amazing with wide harepin bends and far reaching views.

The Spanish are putting a huge duel carriage way all along side this route and this time I agree with the need for it although most of the way we were on our own once again.

When we finally arrived in Benicarlo my previous comments on Spanish roads were quickly undone . As soon as we were off of the main roads everything became sort of third world ish –  narrow rutted  pot holed but we arrived safely. We are now ensconced in our own wide pitch with water electricity Wi-Fi and satellite T.V. at our campsite for the festive season Camping Algeria del Mar GPS 40.42589, 0.43745 The Christmas decorations are out the tree is up and the lights are on. Booze is in the drinks cupboard and we are very cosy thanks.

Weather is rubbish though it is blowing a hooley and its raining, although it is due to blow itself out in a day or two and get better for Christmas.

We went over to have our complimentary drink and got chatting to Johnny from the Netherlands. A very interesting and well travelled chap with impeccable English who has been doing this for 16 years. We are not sure if the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve parties will be exactly us as we seem to be the youngest people here but everyone is friendly they may be worth joining in for a giggle and some company. We have already planned Christmas Day for us in the van or even outside if the weather is good enough. It will be much eating, drinking, ringing family and friends and watching English T.V. of course.

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