We’re off again!

Sunday 11th December 2016

We came back to the UK for an induction day with the camping and Caravanning Club which we think went well, although we still have to wait to see if we have a job for next year and where that will take us.
We aimed to be back for a week to ten days and then head back to a sunny climate again however that has turned into three weeks as we had people to see and a little car to fall in love with (unexpectedly we hasten to say) so much so that we could not bear to leave her back n the UK whist we were in Spain. A 12 hour round trip to Lincoln, a deep breath as we paid for the amazing fully braked ‘A’ frame to be fitted and she can now be towed with us allowing us to really explore Spain’s hidden gems. We have been warned that some Spanish police will not allow you to tow a car but will allow you to tow a trailer with a car on it which is far more unstable on two wheels rather than four so can snake and sway and with the substandard breaking that trailers have it seems crazy. We decided to take the gamble and if we get pulled over Angie will just have to follow me if it keeps happening we spend our money in another country. So “Sunny” the smart car is coming to Spain with us. She tows like a dream and if I didn’t have the rear view camera on the back of Catori I would forget that she was right on our toes. Having always hated the smart car I am now a devotee. They are dinky but inside they feel big, they are quieter than any other small car that I have driven or been in and she is comfortable. Molly loves it in the back and especially when the roof is fully down. They turn on a sixpence park anywhere £20 road tax a year and seem to never need filling up with petrol. For the two of us and a dog she is perfect.

We have decided to sail to France this time as its is the same price for a motor home and smart car as it is to take the train and it saves a whole load of miles getting to Folkestone and then from Calais. Portsmouth it is then and what a fab day to sail warm (I was in a t shirt) and so far the sea is flat and calm. We aim to stay in Caen over night as we don’t get in till about 9.30 and then head for Spain ‘tut suite’ so we can get to a campsite to settle in for Christmas and perhaps the New Year. Aiming to then go free ‘Airing’ then on. As always time will tell as we are beginning to realise that we change our plans as quickly as we make them.

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