Back in U.K – AND its raining!

We are back in the U.K for a bit.We have an induction day with the club tomorrow so are at the Chertsey site. To be totally honest I think we were both looking forward to returning to British soil as we miss our friends and relatives. We are also desperate to find out if we have a job next year  or not and if so where it will be and when it will start.

I have been up since 3 am with the rain beating onto the roof  of the van.Note to self -drink more whisky if rain is forecast but at least is has allowed me to update the blog with photos etc, so If you have already read the words you can now see the pictures too.

The welcome back to the U.K was not great – Chucking it down with rain, motorways full of cars and lorries racing to get to the next place the M20 and M26 with the worst road surface ever, Spray making the windscreen wipers do overtime, Mac Donnalds with rubbish service and then there was the M25 – Welcome to Britain I thought. The French just seem to know how to do things better, slower, neater, their motorways and main roads are amazing no one is in a rush and the roads are empty.The pace of life is slower because they make sure it remains that way. Lunch, food, family and leisure time activities are paramount. Even their MacDonnalds are a different experience. I Love Britain but we could do so much better and couldn’t we just chill a little!


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